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Jaime King Catches the Fan Spirit
Words: Bonnie Burton

Breathing life into comic book characters seems to be actress Jaime King's specialty as of late. Whether she's playing twin sisters Goldie and Wendy in Sin City (and in the upcoming sequel), or as the beautiful Lorelei Rox in the new film The Spirit, King is proud of her comic book leanings, not to mention her fondness for all things sci-fi.

I chat with Jaime King (on about her bionic namesake, why she has a soft spot of Star Wars and getting about the power of 3-D movies by director George Lucas himself.


I read that you were named after Jaime Sommers in the classic sci-fi TV show The Bionic Woman. Were you a fan of the show?

The funny thing is even though my mom named me after Jaime Sommers, I never really saw the show. It wasn't still on by the time I was old enough to really watch TV. But I really want to see it because so many people love that fact, and it sounds like the kind of show that would really be right up my alley.

Since starring in the hit Sin City, as well as The Spirit, would you consider yourself a comic book fan?

When I was a kid I loved reading Calvin and Hobbes in the newspaper, and I'd be so bummed out when I'd go to the library and all the Calvin books were checked out. Watchmen is great. I'm a big fan of Y: The Last Man. At one point we tried to secure the movie rights for Love and Rockets, but some one has it already and is holding out. It's important to me as an actress to keep looking for interesting, strong female roles, and comic books have a lot of those kinds of characters.

Actually, I just started this new comic book with a man named Marc Andreyko who [co-]wrote the Torso series. David Fincher is making his comic book into a film starring Matt Damon. So he's my newest collaborator. The comic series is sci-fi and takes place in the future. It deals with Armageddon in space.

Read the full interview here:
Jaime King Catches the Fan Spirit (via
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