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Music legend David Byrne transforms an entire NYC building into a giant musical instrument, and BoingBoing TV's Xeni Jardin joins him inside for a tour.
More info here: David Byrne: Playing the Building
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Boing Boing tv - Tokyology

Here's a sneak peek inside TOKYOLOGY, a new documentary exploring contemporary Japanese pop-culture hosted by Carrie Ann Inaba. Go behind the scenes at a Japanese Rock TV show, cruise Harajuku, go clubbing with goth girls in Shinjuku, shop for shoes with Lolitas, experience the madness of the Tokyo Anime Fair, visit a video game company, browse the streets of Akihabara, and meet anime creator Yoshitoshi Abe.

Get more info about the documentary here.
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Zaproot Vlog: Fun Stuff to Do on Earth Day
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Craft magazine stopped by Lucasfilm to chat with me about some of the many Star Wars crafts I make for the official Lucasfillm site I explain some of the inspiration behind making Yoda and Hammerhead dolls, the R2-D2 pinhole camera, Mouse Droid Cat Nip toys, Punk Rock Queen of Naboo shirts and more!

Check out the video and more fun stuff here:
Star Wars Crafts - Craft Video Podcast
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Jess at ZapRoot talks about America's largest oil spill seeping up from the New York sewer system and talks about easy ways to save water.
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ZapRoot is cool environmental vlog produced by independent filmmaker Sarah Szalavitz and Damien Somerset, and hosted by snarky host Jess to keep us all updated on the latest news in a zippy way. And wouldn’t you know it, both R2-D2 and Darth Vader make a cameo!

More here:


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