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In The Fine Brothers' latest "Elders React" video, the older generation tries out selfie sticks. "Whoever came up with this is an irritating genius," says one.

Read more in my latest article on CNET here!
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This new Bing maps feature takes tagged photos from Flickr, and relates them
to our Streetside imagery to show images matched to their original context.
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Blogger Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins recently wrote in his article A Brief History of the Universe of Blogging about his experience with the beginnings of blogging and was kind enough to give me a rather sweet shoutout.

I happened upon what has to be one of the first females on the Internet in 1996 - Bonnie Burton. She seemed to be experimenting with a more serialized format for her online musings - an online diary. I wasn’t sure I wanted to try that just yet on my personal domain that everyone had access, so I opened up accounts at Tripod and began posting random teenage angsty posts. They had phenomenal traffic, which at the time meant double digit visitor numbers.

Read the full article here:
"A Brief History of the Universe of Blogging"
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I realized that my Hacker Dating Tips were shamefully outdated -- with references to modems!? *gasp* So I decided to update them. Here's a few to get you started:

  • Get used to late-night calls and early morning texting. Hackers live in their own time zone when most people are asleep. They do their best work when everyone else have shut down for the day.

  • Remind him that going to a 2600 meeting does not count as a date.

  • Many hackers preach the motto "All information must be free and accessible," but don't assume he means he'll be an open door of communication in regards to your relationship.

  • Repeat to yourself at least once a day that it's perfectly fine that you're human and not handcuffed to your computer. Hackers have a way of treating their girlfriends as would-be fembots. Be yourself.

  • Don't be angry if your hacker boy spends loads of time on his computer instead of with you. He'll do this a lot because that's what hackers do. (duh). To hackers, computers and time are relative.

  • Stock your fridge with Red Bull, various easy-to make foods, and Japanese candy. If you really want to impress your boy give him an endless supply of Club Mate and high-end beer. Of course, anyone usually loves a real homecooked meal. So break out the cookbook for special occasions.

  • Some hackers live in their own little world full of 1s and 0s. It's a binary world, and if you want to be near them, the quickest way is to get online and learn more about their world. Be open to learning about his world, and trusting enough to let him into yours.

Here's the whole list here... let me know if you think I need to add anything:
Tips of Dating the Hacker Boy
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What an idiot. She lied who she was in order to get into the Defcon convention. Then secretly taped footage hoping to catch hackers in the act. And all she got to tape was her own outing as a media mole. I love how the hackers made it into a game to see if she could be spotted in the audience. I mean, she couldn't be THAT hard to spot since she looked like a TriDelt pledge, but seriously, how dumb do you have to be to do this?

More on the mole outing here on boingboing.

It's like the reverse of what happened in the made-up hacker convention in Shattered Glass, only funnier.

Witness her karma in action:

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Sweeping stereotype:
Myspace = "The preferred digital hangout for outsiders—burnouts, punks, emos, Goths and gangstas."

Facebook = "The goodie two shoes, jocks, athletes and other 'good' kids are now going to Facebook."

Full story here:
Social Networking and Class Warfare


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