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My first Doctor Who craft!
Adipose from "Partners in Crime" episode!
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David Tennant in Hamlet. Perfection.
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The Doctor (David Tennant) on "QI"

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David Tennant on "QI"

What could be better than seeing David Tennant answer obscure questions from
host Stephen Fry with teammate Bill Bailey about everything from the Osmonds
to the first insanity trial.

Be sure to watch this holiday edition of my favorite UK celeb quiz show
- "QI: Quite Interesting."

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Doctor Who Wears Stormtrooper Bling

Actor David Tennant may play the Doctor on TV, but when he dresses up for the BAFTAs, he's all about Star Wars. Here he is wearing the bedazzling stormtrooper shirt by design Marc Ecko.

Earlier in the week, Ecko's Boba Fett Hoodie got some love on Dollhouse.
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Dalek Wheelchair
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David Tennant is Catherine Tate's new English teacher in a sketch performed for Comic Relief 2007. Will she be bothered, though?
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In addition to Star Wars, I'm a HUGE fan of "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood." I personally would love to see a crossover comic featuring R2-D2 and K-9 -- Doctor Who's loyal robotic dog. So when I first spotted a very special "Doctor Who" edition of the game show "The Weakest Link" featuring K-9 as one of the contestants I was thrilled!

Sadly, K-9 sacrificed his spot on the show so his master could keep playing. Let's be honest, K-9 could have totally won the entire thing, but he's just such a loyal pal he couldn't argue being voted off to save the others.

Watch K-9 on "The Weakest Link" here.


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