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The new BBC "Sherlock" coloring book can keep fans busy as we wait for the new series to begin. And it could hold revelations for serious detectives hoping for hints about Mrs. Watson's past.

Read all about the new coloring book in my CNET article here.
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Review of my book from Kirkus Reviews.

Author: Burton, Bonnie

Review Date: March 1, 2011
Publisher:Del Rey/LucasBooks
Pages: 208
Price ( Paperback ): $24.00
Publication Date: March 29, 2011
ISBN ( Paperback ): 978-0-345-51116-4
Category: Nonfiction
Classification: Popular Culture

A career crafter shares the unfettered joys of Chewbacca Sock Puppets and Jabba the Hutt body pillows.

Burton, creative editor and blogger for Lucasfilm's immensely popular Star Wars website, applies imagination and accessibility to creations that are "fun, not frustrating." The author makes good use of commonly available supplies found in the kitchen (dry pasta, wooden spoons), the closet (old T-shirts and socks) and the recycling bin (newspapers, bottles). She gives new life to broken toys and Halloween masks, transforming them into adorable and often practical Star Wars artwork. The book is artfully arranged into sections of varying skill levels. Some best suited for interactive role-play, such as the Yoda Felt Doll, while others incorporate holiday themes, or make for creative pet toys and home decor.

Burton's simple ideas have the potential to become functional masterworks like tote bags, pillows and blankets fashioned out of new or used Star Wars T-shirts, a Space Slug Draft Blocker made from tube socks, even an Ewok Flower Vase. Those with a flair for handiwork will delight in a section on nature-inspired projects using pebbles and moss to create "Dagobath Carnivorous" plant habitats or a milk-carton Wookiee Bird House.

Burton saves the most challenging mission for the final pages where, in 19 quick steps, readers can create a gruesomely monstrous Mounted Acklay Head. Easy-to-follow directions, patterns and an inclusive index of basic materials all contribute to the appeal of these unique crafts, including photographs of Star Wars fans alongside their own imaginative constructions.

Whimsical, straightforward fun for die-hard buffs of any age.

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Do you see the puppet-potential in old socks? Wondering what to do with all your tattered Star Wars T-shirts? Get out your Force-sensitive scissors for The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton, coming out later this year from Del Rey.

What began in 2004 as a regular crafts feature on is now a book. While fans might recognize some crafts from, the book is also jam-packed full of brand new projects that cater to both beginners and advanced Jawa-level crafters. The book features fully-detailed, step-by-step instructions and photos for each craft.

While this book won't show fans how to make a working Death Star, the book does include tutorials on how to make Star Wars art, puppets, dolls, pet toys, stationary, holiday decorations, scarves, house wares, jewelry, journals, planters, working volcanoes and more. Most supplies in the book can be found in any craft store, around the house, outdoors and even the recycling bin. There are handy tips throughout on how to get the most out of crafting, as well as interviews with other fans that have made their own crafts that would impress even Darth Vader.

"One of my goals for this book is to inspire fans to see craft projects in items they would normally throw away," author Bonnie Burton explains. "A holey sock gets a new life as a Wookiee puppet. Shrunken sweaters become coffee cup cozies. Strips of newspaper become an area creature from Attack of the Clones. An empty oatmeal container becomes a R2-D2 pinhole camera. An extra-large Star Wars T-shirt at the bottom of the closet can finally be useful as a tote bag. Once you know how to make something ordinary into something special, crafty inspiration will follow you everywhere."

Some of the crafts in the book include Jabba the Hutt Body Pillow, Hammerhead Sock Doll, Admiral Sackbar Puppet, Creature Plates, Mounted Acklay Head, Bith Band Spoon Puppets, Bossk Bean Portrait, Star Wars T-shirt Blanket, Felt Bantha, Washcloth Wampa, Wookiee Birdhouse, Emperor Apple Doll, Space Slug Door Draft Blocker, Action Figure Wreath, Bounty Hunter Guitar Strap, Chewbacca Velvet Painting, Ewok Fleece Hat, Jedi Wrist Cuffs, Jawa Sand Painting and many more!

Read the full story here:
First Look: Star Wars Craft Book
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Kid Test Labs Review Draw Star Wars: Clone Wars

This video MADE MY YEAR! The parents and kids at Kid Test Labs shot a video reviewing my new book (illustrated by Grant Gould) Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars published by Klutz Books. The video interviews various kids as they attempt to draw everything from General Grievous to battle droids using the tutorials and tracing pages.

Seriously, how cool is it that actual kids went through my book with their parents to show them how to use it, and why the tutorials improved their drawing skills!? I'm very flattered they took the time to test out the book from cover to cover, and their suggestions and thoughts really meant a lot to me.

I especially liked that one kid decided to draw a fairy princess General Grievous, complete with gnomes! Most impressive!

Thanks young Padawans!

Read the full review here:
Getting Klutzy Wit It
(via Kid Test labs)
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My Next Book Announced: Generation Star Wars

News about my next book has finally been made public! I can't wait to promote it once we're done writing it. My co-workers and good friends Mary Franklin and Pete Vilmur (who are Star Wars experts in their own rights) are writing the book with me. So far it's been fun interviewing fans about their experiences, showing off all the different costuming groups, droid makers, online bloggers, podcasters, celeb fans and more. We're excited to put the book, and quite frankly a book celebrating the passionate fans who make the Star Wars community special and fun is LONG overdue. I hope you all like it when it comes out!
In the history of popular culture no community of fans has endured as Star Wars fans have endured -- not simply surviving, but thriving for more than 30 years. When the first Star Wars movie opened in theaters in 1977 it inspired a loyal following that has grown far beyond a Sci-Fi flick fad.

Star Wars fandom is a worldwide phenomenon made up of generations of kindred spirits who share the stories, comics, costumes, games, and even the experience of waiting in line for the next event. They are celebrities and rock stars. They are politicians, artists, teachers, scientists, parents, and writers. What is more, their generous acts of charity, creativity, and community service, all in the name of their shared passion, are legendary.

In the forthcoming Generation Star Wars book, authors Bonnie Burton, Mary Franklin, and Pete Vilmur, employees of Lucasfilm with unique access to fandom and its history, reveal insights into a group of individuals you might have thought you understood. Far more than fanboys and fangirls, Generation Star Wars is a force to be reckoned with, and a force to enjoy. The book is scheduled for release from Del Rey next summer.

Full article here:
Coming 2010: A Celebration of Generation Star Wars
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Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars Book Trailer

When you draw R2-D2, does he look more like a watermelon on roller skates than a cool droid? Does the Yoda you see in your head look nothing like the green blob that ends up on paper? Don't go to the dark side yet! Learn to draw like a Jedi Master with this hands-on workbook -- Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- from Klutz.

Written by the editors of Klutz and Lucasfilm's Bonnie Burton, and illustrated by Star Wars artist Grant Gould, Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars is packed with tips and techniques, practice space to draw right in the book, and translucent overlays that make tracing a snap.

Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits stores in October 2009.
Here's the trailer to Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Enjoy!

WATCH VIDEO: Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars Book Trailer

Read more about the book here:
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First Look Inside My New Book: Draw Star Wars: Clone Wars

When you draw R2-D2, does he look more like a watermelon on roller skates than a cool droid? Does the Yoda you see in your head look nothing like the green blob that ends up on paper? Don't go to the dark side yet! Learn to draw like a Jedi Master with this hands-on workbook -- Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- from Klutz.

Written by the editors of Klutz and Lucasfilm's Bonnie Burton, and illustrated by Star Wars artist Grant Gould, Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars is packed with tips and techniques, practice space to draw right in the book, and translucent overlays that make tracing a snap.

Master the art of drawing from within -- beginning with stick figures, then on to basic shapes, and finishing with details. Learn to draw 20 different Clone Wars characters, including C-3PO, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, and others.

The book comes with everything you need, including a black marker, double-tipped metallic colored pencils, and an always-sharp mechanical pencil. Of course, we also include perhaps the most essential tool for any artist -- an eraser; because sometimes even a Jedi Master could use a do-over.

Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits stores in October 2009.

Here's a sneak peek inside the Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Wired mag: GeekDad Blog Reviews my book Girls Against Girls!

Read the interview here:
Girls Against Girls - Figuring It Out with Bonnie Burton
(via Wired: GeekDad Blog)
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TresSugar Blog Reviews My Book Girls Against Girls!

Read the full review here:
Book Bag: Girls Against Girls
(via TresSugar Blog)
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Jezebel gives me a shout out about my book:
Girls Against Girls (via Jezebel)
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Alternative Press Reviews my book Girls Against Girls

I'm so excited! One of my favorite magazines -- Alternative Press
-- reviewed my new book: Girls Against Girls!
It's in a section called "Book Begs" on page 58. YAY!

Here's a close-up of the review:

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Blogcitics review of my new book: Girls Against Girls

The first review of my new book Girls Against Girls: Why We are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change came out and I couldn't be more thrilled. Lisa Solod Warren over at Blogcritics Magazine reviewed my book and said some really nice things about it.

Here's an excerpt:
Girls Against Girls: Why We are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change is sort of a self-help manual for any girl caught up in the cycle of envy, gossip, bitterness, and meanness that grabs hold of most pre-teens and teens as they navigate the waters of puberty. Author Bonnie Burton does a damned good job of weaving common sense, real life situations, good advice, and quotes from artists, rock stars, and writers into an appealing whole that is a very quick read with a lasting impact.

She divides the book into six sections: "Why We Hurt Each Other," "Methods of Our Meanness," "Bearing the Brunt of It," "Calling in Reinforcements," "Stopping the Cycle," and "Teaming Up Instead of Tearing Each Other Down," and at the end she offers a good set of resources. Her "whys" include science (the fact that the teenage brain is still growing, hormones) the way we are raised, and competitiveness; the "methods" include boyfriend stealing, gossiping, the silent treatment; "the brunt" tells you how to cope, if you can; "calling in the reinforcements" tells you what to do if you can't. You get it. It's all spelled out nice and neat, but it’s not pat. Burton has done her homework.

Let the moms and dads read the longer, harder stuff. This book is for their daughters. And I highly recommend that parents buy a copy for each of their girls aged 10 and above. The sooner the better.

Read the full review here:
Book Review: Girls Against Girls - Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change
(Blogcritics Magazine)
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In case any of you want to stop by and say howdy on Sunday, July 27 at Comic-Con:

Matt Busch, Bonnie Burton, and Tom Hodges at the You Can Draw Star Wars book signing
at the DK Publishing booth during Comic-Con 2007. Photo by Nicole Love.

You Can Draw Star Wars book signing:
DK Booth Signing: Sunday. 7/27: 10-11am

How to Draw Star Wars for Kids:
Sunday. 7/27: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm; Room 30CD
Special for Kids' Day at Comic-Con International, Lucasfilm's Bonnie Burton and artist Katie Cook will help kids (and their folks, too) draw Star Wars characters that are fun and whimsical. Bonnie Burton is the author of the book You Can Draw: Star Wars (DK Publishing). Bonnie also works as the Lucas Online Senior Editor, editing the drawing tutorials and craft projects. More of Bonnie's writing can be found at Katie Cook ( has done licensed art for Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Heroes, Lord of the Rings and other such nerdy things.
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Author Cory Doctorow checks in from his ongoing book tour for Little Brother and reads a passage from this latest novel. We also learn all about the contents of his hotel minibar, and a cool steampunk watch he received which shoots cockroaches accross the room.

Here's hoping that Cory keeps us posted on his book tour.
I can't wait to read his book!

More info here on Boing Boing TV:
Cory Doctorow: a reading from Little Brother book tour
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So I have some pretty exciting news! My new book Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How to Stop the Hating is already up on for pre-order -- it comes out in 2009! Yay!

Here's a summary of what the book is all about:

Written for all teen girls, this insightful book discusses different types of girl on girl cruelty, why it happens, and how to deal with it. With details on various forms of abuse common between girls—including betrayal between friends, cyberbullying, hazing, and the silent treatment—this useful guidebook will help teen girls understand why they show aggression to each other, cope with difficult situations, gain confidence, and work together as teams, while also suggesting when to get help from adults when situations get out of hand. It includes quotes and inspirational stories from famous role models who have had firsthand experience with girl meanness, such as Jane Wiedlin, founding member of the Go-Go's; Jenny Conlee, bandmember of The Decemberists; and Tegan, bandmember of Tegan and Sara.

I'm really excited about the book! I just finished the final edits on it and am reshooting my bio photo for the back cover tomorrow! I spent most of last year and the beginning of this one working on the book, so it's both thrilling and kind of scary to see the book already on Amazon.

I really hope it does well, not just because I worked hard on the book, but because I understand first-hand what it's like to suffer through school knowing not only that a whole gaggle of girls were sitting around mocking me, but that I also could end up being cruel in return, which doesn't really help matters.

In the coming months I'll be blogging more about the book, and why I decided to write it, as well as more on the celeb gals that I asked to give a few inspiriting quotes and real-life stories to make the book more than just an advice book, but hopefully entertaining as well.


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