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DO NOT READ if you want to stay spoiler free....

But click for more if you want to hear why I'm pissed about last night's episode of "Lost" called "?" and the Lost Interactive Game in general ...
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From those of you playing the "Lost Experience" interactive game on the site just issued a new press release... (as you can get from their official RSS fee here [ profile] rsshanso)

I paged the media contact Hugh McIntyre from the Hanso Foundation from the phone number listed on the press release: 206-861-5017
[UPDATE: He called and hung up on me!!!!]

More clues here....

Keep an eye on the site. It keeps changing.

We'll see what happens....


New ABC "Lost" Podcast with Damon is up:
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I interview J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof -- the director and writer behind "Lost" -- for the official Lucasfilm site about their love for Star Wars, parallels between "Lost" and the Force, and Abrams work with CGI gurus at Industrial Light & Magic on Mission Impossible 3.

Quotes from the article:

"What was so involving to me as a kid (and is the reason I still watch the movies over and over and over) is the complex mythology of the Star Wars universe -- the heroes, the villains, the quests -- but most importantly, the characters," Lindelof explains. "Therefore, we always approach 'Lost' through the prism of the people instead of the island. After all, no one's ever really blown up the Death Star, but we can all relate to how it feels to be Luke in that moment because we've been with him for the whole movie."

"I don't know how many times in developing stories I have referenced the archetypes of Star Wars," Abrams says. "As a fan of Joseph Campbell and the use of myth in storytelling, you could argue that it is a classic paradigm but it is the common language among all of us because we are all so familiar with the Star Wars canon. It's hard to remember breaking a story for an episode of a show whether it was 'Lost,' 'Alias' or even 'Felicity' and not feel like there was some way to reference the love triangle you felt in Episode IV or the struggle of good and evil that you have seen in all six of the films."

Read the full 4-page article here:
Mission: "Lost" in Star Wars -- J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof
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Funny question about why the food that's always dropped for the castaways is crap junk food.
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Mysteries of Castaways' Island to Be Revealed in Interactive Challenge
April 24, 2006 -- - "Lost" fans around the world will get a chance to start unlocking secrets about the mysterious island that has become an international obsession.

In what's being hailed as the largest interactive challenge based on a TV series, ABC and 19 other networks stretching across five continents are introducing "Lost Experience" -- an Internet game that will feature a parallel story line that will give insight into the top-rated show.

The first clue will air on a May 3 episode, but network executives aren't saying how the game will launch or whether the critical clue will come during the broadcast or as part of a commercial break.
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Yunjin Kim (Sun) discusses the challenges of having her character speak Korean on a primetime show and also reveals some pranks from the set. Executive Producers Damon Lindleof and Carlton Cuse discuss "S.O.S." (4/12/06) and also take fan questions.
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A little different than the US edition:

Looks like Locke is trying to remember the blue map he saw during "Lock Down"


Apr. 6th, 2006 07:02 am
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Everything you wanted to know (or debate) about "Lost" in the over-hyped Wiki style.
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Heads-up: there's a new official "Lost" podcast today:
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Here's a high res version of the map from last night's episode:

Also, check out the Canadian trailer for next week's episode, which is much different than the American one:
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Fan-made Hanso video:

Sludgeweb's investigations (just looks at the show's Easter eggs):


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