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Accio! Harry Potter fans hoping to summon the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to California get a look inside the upcoming theme park, set to open in the spring.

Read more in my latest article on CNET here!
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yeah yeah I know.
I can't help it.

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My pal Amy Do -- who works for -- posted her awesome blog coverage of IGN's invasion at the premiere of the latest Harry Potter film. Great video interviews, photos and insider comments.

Check it out here:
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Terese Vorsheck, Certified Grief Counselor, Offers Expert Advice to Parents
and Children Coping with Loss Related to Upcoming Harry Potter Release

Terese Vorsheck is the director of the Highmark Caring Place, a center
for grieving children, adolescents and their families. In this role, Ms.
Vorsheck is responsible for directing the strategies, initiatives,
services, and programs of the Caring Place including:
- Peer Support Groups for Grieving Children and Families
- Referral Services for Grieving Families
- Professional Consultation and Training Programs
- Community Outreach and Awareness Strategies
- Volunteer Partnership Initiative (Recruitment, Training and Maintenance)
- Education on Grief and Child Development for Families
- Special Family Programming
- Model Replication

Ms. Vorsheck is available to speak with parents and children, as well
as the media, on how to cope with feelings of grief and loss. This is a
particularly timely issue with the release of the final Harry Potter book,
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows scheduled for release this Saturday,
July 21, 2007. Recent articles have sparked rumors suggesting that one or
more main characters will die. This could have a serious impact on
children, millions of whom have grown up reading, watching and profoundly
enjoying the characters and storylines of the Harry Potter series. As the
world comes to terms with the possible demise of a hero, The Highmark
Caring Place and Ms. Vorsheck will share insights helping children and
parents to cope with some of life's most difficult challenges.
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Rob Zombie, Zack Snyder, David Fincher and more directors weigh in
on what they'd do with final 'Potter' flick.

By Jennifer Vineyard

After the first two "Harry Potter" films, it appeared there would be a
different director for each subsequent flick - with Alfonso CuarĂ³n, Mike
Newell and then David Yates stepping in to expand on the world Chris
Columbus first created onscreen.

But now that Yates - who helmed the forthcoming "Harry Potter and the Order
of the Phoenix" - has signed on to return for "Half-Blood Prince" that
leaves only one slot left if the franchise passes the wand yet again.

While it's anyone's guess whether one of the previous directors will finish
the series off, we wonder - what if someone new came aboard? What would the
final film look like if, say, Terry Gilliam or Tim Burton were heading it
up? Since the Potter-verse offers so many possibilities, we've asked this
question before, with varying results, and we're still asking. Here's our
latest batch of answers:
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"Speakin' of cups runnethin' over, laddie,
mine's be gettin' a mite dry.
How 'bout changin' this 'ere water into
somethin' a bit more, well, frisky?"

"Lilies o' the field? What lilies?
The way yeh jabber on, yeh all mus' be pullin' straight A's
in Professor Dumbledore's Exposit'ry Metaphors and Parables class!"

"Why, if a fellow wanted ta get away clean, Peter-me-lad,
all they'd have ter do would be ta deny they ever even knowed Jesus.
Uh-oh. I shouldn't eh told yeh that."

More here...


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