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MST3K PlayStation Underground video

"You're not going to let robots make fun of this later, are you?"
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When you're not playing the Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels video game keep your Wii controller dust free with this handy Anakin Skywalker lightsaber Wii cozy. It's easy to make, plus it's fun!

All you need is some felt, thread, a sewing needle and some lightsaber reference images.

Check out how to make it here:
Wii Clone Wars Lightsaber Cozy
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Mr T. World Of Warcraft Commercial
I pity the fool who plays against Mr. T in WoW!
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"Hot dogs that have a taste for revenge!"
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I love his homage to old-school video games and sci-fi.
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Excerpt from Idea Sex in the Dream Factory:

Living in Wellington, New Zealand, just up the road from Weta Workshop, is like having your nose pressed against the glass at the weirdest candy store on Earth. It's a pain in the ass of the highest order.

The selection used to just be elves, orcs and the odd giant ape, but now things are multiplying like a virus: Everything from 1940s warplanes to Master Chief is in the air. Weta and the Peter Jackson industries are big business in our small city. You can hear them sometimes, at night, loud explosions in the hills. You can run into James Cameron or Bungie employees down at the local dairy. You can smell the chemicals that hold imaginary creatures together while their sculptors inhale and gibber.

Can I has some? Please? Sounds like our kind of town, said The Escapist magazine. Get into Weta, grab them by the curlies, find out about convergence - mushing movies, games and everything else into one big sticky whole. See what it's like to work in a genuine south seas dream factory. And if you're shot by security or get pictures of Peter Jackson en flagrante with a midget in a monkey costume, there'll be a bonus in it for you.

Security would indeed be a problem; dobermans, lasers, helicopters, instincts honed by a decade of keeping intrusive assholes away from Lord of the Rings and King Kong. Shoot first, feed 'em to the man-eating penguins of Rocky Bay later, never get around to asking questions.

"Sounds fun," said Rachel at Weta Workshops on the phone. "You promise not to ask us for the thousandth time about Hobbits or continuity errors or what Jack Black's really like?"

"What about Wellington and videogames and how doing what you love isn't what it used to be?"

"Great. Come in for a chat. And bring chocolate."
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