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Get all the aliens, mysterious monsters and conspiracy theories you want in this new Humble Bundle offering for IDW Publishing​ of "The X-Files."

Find out more in my latest article on CNET​ here!
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(Jane Wiedlin poses with 501st and wee little fan)

San Jose Super-Con 2009 Recap
Words & photos: Bonnie Burton

Not all conventions are made equally. While San Diego Comic-Con International is still considered the Mother Ship of geektastic gatherings, some of the smaller conventions still hold a special place in my heart. San Jose Super-Con (held May 16-17, 2009) is one of those tiny conventions that still believe comics, not movies, are king.

Here's a recap of what you might have seen/heard/witnessed/tweeted if you were there.

(501st greet a young recruit)

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"And boom goes the dynamite. Deadpool wins!"
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Jaime King Catches the Fan Spirit
Words: Bonnie Burton

Breathing life into comic book characters seems to be actress Jaime King's specialty as of late. Whether she's playing twin sisters Goldie and Wendy in Sin City (and in the upcoming sequel), or as the beautiful Lorelei Rox in the new film The Spirit, King is proud of her comic book leanings, not to mention her fondness for all things sci-fi.

I chat with Jaime King (on about her bionic namesake, why she has a soft spot of Star Wars and getting about the power of 3-D movies by director George Lucas himself.


I read that you were named after Jaime Sommers in the classic sci-fi TV show The Bionic Woman. Were you a fan of the show?

The funny thing is even though my mom named me after Jaime Sommers, I never really saw the show. It wasn't still on by the time I was old enough to really watch TV. But I really want to see it because so many people love that fact, and it sounds like the kind of show that would really be right up my alley.

Since starring in the hit Sin City, as well as The Spirit, would you consider yourself a comic book fan?

When I was a kid I loved reading Calvin and Hobbes in the newspaper, and I'd be so bummed out when I'd go to the library and all the Calvin books were checked out. Watchmen is great. I'm a big fan of Y: The Last Man. At one point we tried to secure the movie rights for Love and Rockets, but some one has it already and is holding out. It's important to me as an actress to keep looking for interesting, strong female roles, and comic books have a lot of those kinds of characters.

Actually, I just started this new comic book with a man named Marc Andreyko who [co-]wrote the Torso series. David Fincher is making his comic book into a film starring Matt Damon. So he's my newest collaborator. The comic series is sci-fi and takes place in the future. It deals with Armageddon in space.

Read the full interview here:
Jaime King Catches the Fan Spirit (via
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Comic-Con Recap: Toys, Comics, & Cool Kids
words and photos: Bonnie Burton

So you've already seen all the Star Wars stuff I loved at Comic-Con 2008, but I also got giddy over comics, monster toys, geeky t-shirts, cute boys, costumes, celeb sightings, art and even corsets. Here's my recap of all the other stuff that made me smile.

Jessica and the Emily Strange booth
Let me start off by saying a big Jessica groupie. Every time I see her at a convention I get all happy and excited. She's always fun to chat with, and she makes the Emily Strange booth the coolest place to hang out. You just feel hipper by proxy. Also I love Emily Strange stuff, and when I'm old and gray, I'm still going to wear all my Emily stuff. It's so obvious that my fellow Lucasfilm employees were nicknaming it the Bonnie Strange booth.

Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's
Last year was Jane's first Comic-Con, so I'm glad she had so much fun she decided to come back. She's dressed as her comic book character Lady Robotika. Jane is a blast to hang out with. She always has fun wherever she is. Jane was a presenter for the Eisner Awards so I help hook her up with the 501st Legion so she could get a stormtrooper escort to the stage. I can't wait to hang with her the next time I'm in Los Angeles.

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"The Big Bang Theory" -- The Superman Physics Agrument

Even though "The Big Bang Theory" is clearly a fictional TV show,
I have to admit this argument is one we have at work at least
once a month. Welcome to my geeky world.

"If Superman really loved Lois he would have let her body hit the pavement.
It would have been a more merciful death."
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I've been to more comic book and sci-fi conventions than I can count. I rarely turn down the chance to spend the weekend geeking out with fellow comic book fans, writers and artists, so on Sunday, May 18, I attended San Jose Super-Con 2008. Plus I got to geek out with some rather awesome geek icons -- Go-Go's guitarist Jane Wiedlin, actor/author Wil Wheaton, Bongo Comics Creative Director Bill Morrison and Boba Fett actor Daniel Logan.

As far as conventions go, must admit I had a lot of fun! For once I got to be at a convention that wasn't uber-crowded with smelly, noisy, rude, obnoxious fans. Super-Con was more like what Alternative Press Expo and WonderCon used to be before all the corporate guys discovered it. I got to have full conversations with artists like Adam Hughes and Allison Sohn about their Star Wars art, and with pinup artist Jim Silke about his illustrations of the rare photos in his new book Bettie Page Rules.

(Photos by Bonnie Burton)
Jane Wiedlin’s new comic Lady Robotika and posing with Yoda and Predator!

As always, I had a blast hanging out with Go-Go's guitarist and geek goddess Jane Wiedlin! She and Bongo Comics Creative Director Bill Morrison were at the con to promote her upcoming comic Lady Robotika which is about Jane being "abducted by aliens and transformed into a sexy cyborg superhero!" For Jane's birthday, the Super-Con folks had a Lady Robotika cake decorated for her, which they presented at the end of her Q&A session. I also gave Jane a little Yoda doll for her birthday, since I know how much she loves that Jedi Master.

(Photos by Bonnie Burton)
Bill Morrison poses with his velvet Krusty portrait, and his comic Roswell.

Bill Morrison also had this fantastic velvet painting he made of Krusty the Clown wearing an Elvis-inspired Las Vegas jumpsuit -- truly a thing of beauty! Being a die-hard Simpsons fan (I'm the dork who listens to all the commentary tracks on The Simpsons DVD box sets), it's such a thrill for me to see Bill's work. I mean, the guy is an amazing writer and artist for "The Simpsons," "Futurama," and his own comic creation Roswell for crying out loud!

(Photo by Bonnie Burton)
Actor/Author/Web Celeb Wil Wheaton reads from his book The Happiest Days of Our Lives at the San Jose Super-Con comic book convention.

Another highlight of convention for me had to be finally watching actor and author Wil Wheaton read from his latest book: The Happiest Days of Our Lives. In a chapter about conventions, Wil told the crowd about some rather memorable and hilarious events attending cons as a kid and as a Star Trek actor. He also read his "Star Trek: The Next Generation" review of "Datalore" that he wrote for TV Squad which had everyone in hysterics. When you see Wil run around the stage as Wesley Crusher screaming "Weeeeeeeeee!" you can't help but be entertained. Fans will be excited to hear that he's publishing all his "Star Trek: TNG" reviews from TV Squad in two books! Yay!

(Photo by Bonnie Burton)

Wil also answered questions from fans during Q&A about his favorite episodes on "Star Trek: TNG" and why he wishes his character had more of a chance to show his angsty side like a normal teen. He also chatted about how much fun it is to play evil and crazy characters on TV shows like "C.S.I." and "Numb3rs," as opposed to the usual nice guy roles. Of course, Wil also had plenty to say about Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, acting and writing.

Do yourself a favor and go see Wil Wheaton speak at conventions and book signings near you. The guy is beyond entertaining and is super-nice to his fans. In fact, I was lucky enough to get him to chit chat with me about "Trekked" out hybrid cars at his booth while he signed all three of his books for me, and gave me a book of Star Trek: The Manga for one of my buddies!

(Photo by Bonnie Burton)
Actor/Author/Web Celeb Wil Wheaton has torrents at San Jose Super-Con comic book convention.

Wil is one of those guys who not only loves to write about geek pop culture culture, but lives it. He had an online radio show -- Radio Free Burrito -- long before podcasting was the norm. His work with the Video Toaster 4000 was nothing short of revolutionary for would-be mobie makers. He had a blog long before everyone else, and his books read like a primer on all the cool things we love -- roleplaying and arcade games, sci-fi books and films, and so on. He's a true geek in the best possible sense of the word. Plus his Star Wars stories are hilarious. Be sure to read his story about Star Wars action figures here: "Blue Light Special."

In fact, it was his blog that motivated me to write my first book Never Threaten To Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs. Wil gave me permission to republish his essays "Spare Us The Cutter," "Reflections - Artificial Sweetener," and "When the Waiter Came" for the book anthology. I also interviewed him about why he loves to blog, in an interview for my book as well. While my first book wasn't a huge success, I thought it was pretty dang cool of Wil to take the time to answer my questions and offer his help. So thanks, Wil Wheaton. You rock!

(Photo by Bonnie Burton)
Bongo Comics plus Gypsy, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo!

Other highlights of Super-Con included spotting the Mystery Science Theater 3000 robots and saying howdy to Boba Fett actor Daniel Logan, seeing Jorge Garcia (Hurley from "Lost") and of course hanging out with Bill, Jane, Adam, Allison and my pal Kate afterwards at the hotel bar drinking Cucumber Martinis.

Check out my photos San Jose Super-Con 2008 here!
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Here's me as a Marvel superhero...kinda.
What would you look like as a superhero?
Make your own superhero here.

Keep in mind the choices for women superheroes suck.
What superhero wears pearls!?
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(C) 2008 R. Stevens -- from

Artist R. Stevens dedicates his #1977 numbered strip of "Diesel Sweeties" to a Star Wars debate some of us hold near to our hearts --
Why didn't Chewie get a medal at the end of A New Hope?

Ironically, the girl who loves Wookiees just so happens to be my Diesel Sweeties Doppelgänger!!!
No, really -- see for yourself.

Check out the Star Wars debate on Diesel Sweeties.
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So many panels and events at Wondercon, so little time. But we're here to help! The team will be at Wondercon reporting about the latest news, toys, comics, celeb sightings and more. Be sure to check back here on the Official Blog and the Official Flickr Photo Blog for ongoing WonderCon 2008 coverage!

Here's the handy link to the full list of WonderCon programs and panels. But to get you started, here's a listing of our picks of things not to be missed!

By the way, here's my panel info:
SATURDAY — Feb. 23
11:00am-12:00pm — Draw Star Wars at WonderCon! — Learn how to draw Star Wars just like the pros do! Meet You Can Draw: Star Wars book author Bonnie Burton (that would be me) and artist Tom Hodges, as well as and Topps Sketch Card artist Katie Cook.
Room 232/234

Check out the entire list of cool stuff I think you should see here:
Star Wars Fan Guide to WonderCon 2008
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I've been obsessed lately with the evolution of Transmedia storytelling -- storytelling across multiple forms of media like Web sites, blogs, zines, video games, comics, TV, film, and so on. Great examples of this include "Lost," "Alias," "Heroes," and Cloverfield. Shouldn't be a shocker that J.J. Abrams is big on this kind of storytelling. And of course, so is Lucasfilm. Expanded Universe is exactly what transmedia is -- we have Star Wars movies, comics, video games, novels, toys, role-playing games, fan films, and soon TV. And it will be exciting to see what we do next online as well.

Recently TV producer, writer, and all-around cool creative guy Jesse Alexander came to our work for a lecture on Transmedia and how to have fun with it to further the story. His talk not only inspired our group to brainstorm some exciting new ideas for online, but it jumpstarted a few old ideas I had bouncing around about projects outside of Lucasfilm I'd like to get started on -- a comic for one, and another screenplay for another. So I'm excited to get started on it. Jesse also reminded me that anything really is possible if you just go for it and stop second guessing your chances.

Case in point, he recently wrote in his blog -- The Global Couch -- about a friend of his -- Javier Grillo-Marxuach -- who had a great idea for a movie. It had secret agents, robots, aliens and talking monkeys. Sounds rad, right? Well, he had a tough time convincing his agents that it was worth pitching as a film or TV show, so he shelved it and went back to work writing for "Lost."

But then he couldn't help but tinker with it more and more and more and decided to go for it anyway. So he made it into a comic called The Middle Man and got a publisher interested. And ya know what? It got a good following and great reviews. He hired a girl to dress up as his main character and walk around Comic-Con to promote the comic. He created buzz on his blog. He put up art and kept his fans interested. And eventually, he had a property that his agents couldn't argue with. And he just sold the comic idea for a TV show on ABC Family. So yeah, he did it.

And now I'm thinking, what the hell am I waiting for? I need to get my act together and get my comic book idea out of my head and on to paper. I need to convince one of my artist pals to join forces with me and make it rock. I need to just freaking do it already. And so I am.
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Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, and Daniel Clowes on "The Simpsons"

Watch the video here!
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Comics, zines, crafts, art, UFO propaganda, renegade robots and fighting monsters
were in abundance at the Alternative Press Expo 2007 in San Francisco this weekend.

Here are the APE 2007 highlights:
+ Kaiju Big Battel!
+ A ton of cute t-shirts like the "You're My Bitch" coffee cup!
+ My favorite artist Brandon Bird was in attendance, and selling some awesome prints!
(I bought prints of his Rod Stewart Clone trooper and SEGA Harrison Ford!)
+ Another favorite artist of mine -- Shawn Barber -- showed off his latest art, painted on the spot and gave us a glimpse at his brand-new tattoo from Ms. Kat Von D.
+ Said hi to the talented Gloomcookie and Nightmares and Fairy Tales creator Serena Valentino! Be sure to read her blog here: [ profile] bratty_princess
+ Shook hands with monsters and robots!
+ Met Crater on the Moon comics publisher Keith Curtis as he was doing his best 300 impression.
+ Bought really cool clothes including a geeky-cute sweater from Toxic Peache!
+ Met a new talented artist Joshua Ellingson -- who I hope I'll be seeing more great stuff from soon!

Check out my Flickr blog here of the event: APE 2007


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