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Luke Skywalker lightsaber shoes flash blue when you take a step! Ladies who love lightsabers, Darth Vader and C-3PO get their own fancy footwear from Irregular Choice, now available on ThinkGeek!

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Breakfast is the most important part of the day, and the Death Star is the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. So it makes since that the two should join Forces to create the coolest waffles in the galaxy.

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Actors Carrie Fisher​, Daisy Ridley​ and John Boyega​ each post their own posters on social media, while the rest debut on the official Star Wars website. But where is Mark Hamill​ as Luke Skywalker?

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Now that Netflix has renewed “Longmire,” I explain on CNET why you’ll want to start binge-watching a crime drama about a sheriff who refuses to get a cell phone.

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Since author George R.R. Martin still uses Livejournal for blogging, why shouldn't I? I'm an author too - though CLEARLY not as successful as George. But hey, it could happen! He even hugged me, so maybe some of that writer's talent entered by brain through osmosis!

I'll post some new writing here, but you can always read my daily articles on CNET now.

And all my books are available for sale on Amazon too!

See you soon!
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So I've been using Livejournal since it first came to be, but I haven't been here much lately since my Twitter is my lazy substitute for blogging.

But IMDB refuses to list my Twitter account on my IMDB Profile Page unless I also list a blog RSS feed link to go with it. I have a very hard time believing that all the actors that have IMDB pages also link to their blogs, but whatevs.

I'm not sure I'll be blogging here much since most of my fellow bloggers blog on their own web pages, or on their company's community areas, or Facebook, or pretty much EVERYWHERE but poor old Livejournal. But I promise to pop in here everyone once in awhile to dust out the cobwebs and say hello.
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By Bonnie Burton

To celebrate the holiday season, here’s a handy guide on how to make festive Santa (and elf) hats for your favorite action figures, statues and toys... oh yeah, and taxidermy!

What You Need:

1. Red and Green felt
2. Red and Green construction paper
3. Red and Green ribbon
4. Cotton
5. Craft glue
6. Needle and thread
7. Paperclips
8. Stapler
9. Scissors
10. Tape
11. Adult-sized Santa hat


1. Cut small circles of different sizes (to fit various heads of your toys/statues/taxidermy) from construction paper. These will serves as your guides to cut circles out of your felt, ribbon, fabric and other materials.

2. Take one of the circles and roll into a cone shape. Paperclip the edges together in case you need to reshape the fabric before you glue or sew.

3. Place the cone hat on top of different toys to see which one it fits. If you need to resize it, take off the paperclip and roll the cone again until you get the size you want.

4. Once you have the cone hat the size you want, use craft glue along the edges you want to seal. Keep the paper clip on so it can stay in position as it dries. If you want a fancier hat (especially if you’re using felt) sew the edges together instead of using craft glue.

5. To make the trim and ball for the hat, roll the cotton into little puffy balls and strips.

6. Next, glue the strips along the bottom and put a tiny cotton ball on top. Use your real Santa hat as a guide. Or just wear the hat as you make little ones.

7. Good job, you’ve just made your first Santa hat! Happy Holidays!

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By Bonnie Burton

Counting down to the holidays can be fun, especially when you make this Star Wars Advent Calendar. You never know who will be peaking behind the door each day! Will it be a C-3PO reindeer? Or maybe Yoda baking cookies? Create this one-of-a-kind funny calendar for December using old Christmas cards and Star Wars Insider magazine cut-outs and print outs!

What You Need:

  • Star Wars Insider magazine & print-outs
  • White cardboard
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Old holiday cards and gift wrap scraps
  • Printout of numbers 1-31
  • Clear tape


1. Cut out the heads of your favorite Star Wars characters from old Star Wars Insider magazines and printouts. You’ll need 31 heads (one for each day of December).

2. Be sure to also cut out letters too so you can spell out “Advent Calendar” if you want.

3. Cut out images of Santa, elves, tree decorators, snowmen, reindeer and other holiday characters from old Christmas cards and gift wrap scraps. Match up Star Wars heads with different holiday cut outs and glue them on to create funny scenes.

4. See how many different kinds of scenes you can make with all the different Star Wars character heads. It may be easier to group characters together like the reindeer in this picture.

5. Place all your new cut-out scenes on a big piece of white cardboard to see where you want them to go on the calendar, then paste them down with glue.

6. Printout numbers 1-31 on a piece of paper (or handwrite them) then cut out all the numbers. These will be the “doors” on your calendar. Tape them over each of your character’s faces in a way that you can easily lift up the paper to see who’s hiding behind it. Add white glitter to the calendar to give it a sparkle-snow effect.

Make advent calendars for other holidays and your birthday too! Be creative!

Be sure to check out more geektastic holiday crafts in The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton published by Random House.

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By Bonnie Burton

Why bother with the beaches of Maui or strolling through the alleys of Venice when you could be on your way to a leisurely vacation on the Moon of Endor? With the latest comforts of modern technology, a galaxy far, far away is not so far after all. Simply pack your bags and head to Disneyland, Disney-MGM Studios, Disneyland Paris or Tokyo Disneyland, where you can then hop aboard the StarSpeeder 3000 for an adventure you won’t soon forget. Welcome to Star Tours.

In California, at the entrance to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Spaceport, familiar old Star Wars friends C-3PO and R2-D2 welcome Star Tourists in a sleek, futuristic maintenance hangar as they wait for their turn to board the 40-passenger StarSpeeder 3000. As R2-D2 works diligently to repair a battle-scarred StarSpeeder, and other droids go about their business, guests hear a sales pitch for the latest intergalactic travel packages to not only Endor, but also Hoth. A speaker announces, “An addition of non-stop service to Hoth will begin soon. Ski caverns and the famed Echo Base of the Rebellion Forces. All on Hoth, the galaxy’s greatest ice planet.”

The drone of droid banter can be heard as guests turn the corner to the Droidnostic Center. Unaware that his comlink is still on, one of the G2 droids - who should be repairing a navigator - casually mentions that he would never get into a StarSpeeder 3000. The high-tech “nuts-and-bolts” factory is complete with girders, work lights, conveyor belt and liquid crystal wall displays.

Before long the guests enter the loading concourse and face the doors of the StarSpeeder and are asked to sit, stow their carry-on luggage under their seats and fasten their seat belts.

The action in Star Tours is virtually out-of-control from the moment the flight’s rookie pilot RX-24, or “Rex” for short, takes his seat. This is Rex’s first flight, and it soon becomes glaringly apparent that on Flight ST-45, passengers will experience a haphazard adventure filled with a dangerous jaunt through an asteroid field, a head-on battle with a massive Imperial Star Destroyer and other detours that involve dodging laser blasts and endless brushes with disaster. Just when passengers have a time to catch their breath, the StarSpeeder dives into the trenches of the Death Star to make that fateful hole-in-one.

Once the StarSpeeder is safely away from the action, it touches down, skidding into the landing bay. As guests leave the ship, C-3PO -- oblivious of the harrowing experience -- cheerfully says his goodbye, “We do hope you enjoyed your tour to Endor, and will come back soon…”

Bringing the Star Wars mythology to Disney parks was no small feat. Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) and Lucasfilm discussed bringing a Star Wars attraction to the Disney parks for about six years before Star Tours opened.

The Tomorrowland attraction that would evolve into Star Tours began in early 1985, when George Lucas and key Disney managers met to discuss the possibility of collaborating on a new attraction at Disneyland. Soon, ideas were flying between the Lucasfilm headquarters in Marin County and WDI in Glendale, Calif.

VP of Walt Disney Imagineering Tony Baxter was a WDI concept designer during the initial talks between Lucasfilm and Disney, and also functioned as George Lucas’ co-director on Star Tours.

“George Lucas had captured the popular myth for the generation that grew up in the late ‘70s into the mid-‘80s, of Star Wars and Indiana Jones,” Baxter explains. “And Disneyland had always been the repository of whatever was guiding America with the strongest force. He understood the kind of mythology that touches people’s hearts, much like Walt Disney has done for generations of children. So, we went to management and said, ‘What do you think about developing a deal with George Lucas?’ and they supported us.

“When we first talked with George about doing Star Tours, I think he realized he wasn’t ready yet to do the prequels and that this was a very strong way to keep the Star Wars myth open and alive for the time that was going to elapse before he got serious about doing the next series of movies,” Baxter adds.

Lucas, who the media often nicknamed the "new Walt Disney," has been a fan of Disneyland since he first visited the theme park as a child with his family when it opened in 1955.

“I’ve always had an interest in doing something at the Park. I’ve enjoyed my visits to Disneyland,” Lucas said when the Star Tours attraction first opened at Disneyland in 1987. “The prospect of introducing the Star Wars characters at Disneyland just fascinated me.”

The first collaboration between Disney and George Lucas was the 3-D space-fantasy featurette Captain EO starring Michael Jackson, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. At the same time, Lucas also began working with a team from Industrial Light & Magic, as well as Baxter and various Disney Imagineers, on the new Star Wars attraction. The new Star Wars attraction would combine new ride technology with specially shot film footage.

“Star Tours evolved from the first presentation we gave to George of a possible ride that was a little more complicated than our average attraction -- you could go every which way and choose the direction,” Baxter recalls. “George said, ‘Well that's great, but what can we do to get something going right now?’ So we looked around and found this fantastic device that was being used at the Air Force and the government to simulate
excursions into space. We thought it was a natural fit. We combined the space of fantasy that George had created with real world technology, and we ended up with an attraction that would give the general public a brand new experience.”

Making sure that the excitement of Star Wars more than just a visual and aural experience also proved appealing to Lucas. Star Tours would provide the first opportunity for Star Wars fans to actually experience such thrilling physical sensations as rocketing into hyperspace and blasting into a battle between Imperial TIE fighters and Rebel X-wings.

Star Tours was conceived as the first motion-based application where guests were put into a simulator in a theme park. Up until that time, simulators had been used solely by the airline industry to train pilots, and by the government to train Air Force pilots. (WDI explored the use of flight simulators as early as the 1970s, when it initially researched various technologies for Epcot in Florida.

“When CEO Michael Eisner and former Disney President Frank Wells came over to Disney, the first thing they saw was our proposal for Star Tours and they loved it,” Baxter says. “They put it into production right away and we cemented the relationship that not only developed Star Tours, but also the Indiana Jones rides, as the technology allowed us to do that.”

In 1985, Baxter and WDI show producer Tom Fitzgerald joined Lucas and a small group of Industrial Light & Magic designers at a story session at ILM’s Northern California headquarters.

“George had an interesting idea,” says Baxter. “There’s a public preconception that a Disney attraction is completely safe – because it’s true. But George thought it might be a nice twist to interject an element of ‘danger.’ He came up with the idea for the opening fiasco – the hitches are contrary to what one expects from a Disney attraction. You think you’re going to Endor, but the real tour turns out to be something quite different!

“Tony and I spent the following night holed up in our Sausalito hotel room pinning file cards on the wall to indicate story elements, special effects, and simulator motions,” Fitzgerald adds. “We were envisioning Star Tours not just as a film experience, but as a fantasy-adventure synchronized film, with simulated motion and terrific special effects.” By the next morning, they had the first draft of a concept for Star Tours.

“We were determined to combine a strong story line with a thrill ride, a hard thing to pull off,” Fitzgerald continues. “We also wanted to introduce at least one new character.”

Lucas came up with the idea of a pilot, who turned out to be Rex, the rookie pilot. Rex began as a “cosmic bus driver,” a counterpart, perhaps, to the wisecracking Jungle Cruise guides at Disneyland.

“We had to be selective when it came to deciding what fast curves to throw people,” Baxter says. “The attraction’s speed makes it a showcase of impressions rather than details. You don’t fly by the ice crystal in Star Tours; you go through it. You don’t have a nice smooth landing; you crash. As it turns out, you enjoy a story and a thrill ride, all contrary to the usual Disney experience.”

All of the original ideas behind the film would have taken 20 minutes, but it was up to Baxter and Fitzgerald to boil the adventure down to a swift 4 _ minutes.

“George had a catalytic effect on the project all along the way,” Baxter continues. “He was perceptive about our creative strengths, and helped us to reverse the tried and true by giving people what they don’t expect. It worked.”

By the end of the summer, all had agreed on the concept to be developed for the Tomorrowland attraction. Star Tours would feature scenic tours of the universe aboard the StarSpeeder 3000, operated by the first intergalactic tour “bus” company. R2-D2 and C-3PO would be part of the package, having resigned from military service to find new lives as Star Tours recruiters.

Lucas continued to work closely with the Disney Imagineers at the Glendale-based facility, proving instrumental as development of the attraction progressed. Industrial Light & Magic, under the direction of Dave Carson, went to work on the film, which resulted in the longest special effects sequence in film history. Skywalker Sound (then known as Sprocket Systems) undertook the soundtrack with Sound Designer Gary Summers at the helm.

Meanwhile, Imagineers took over the design and production of the Star Tours robotic factory, the StarSpeeder 3000, and the high-tech Audio-Animatronic droids that populate the enterprise.

Baxter and Fitzgerald travelled to the Lucasfilm Archives to uncover actual props used in the Star Wars trilogy. R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca, and even pieces of the Death Star were sent to Walt Disney Imagineering to be refurbished and incorporated into Star Tours.

Disney’s Glendale facility buzzed with the sounds of people building the StarSpeeder 3000 as well as new animatronic droids and a couple of familiar ones as well.
Dave Feiten, former Disney Audio-Animatronics Programmer for Star Tours, was one of those hard at work to make the droids seem lifelike for the attraction.

“C-3PO was probably the longest-running animated figure we've ever done,” Feiten says. “Compared to a pirate, which is about 90 feet of animation, or Mr. Lincoln which is 40 feet, C-3PO is actually 900 feet of animation, with 22 moves inside of him.”

Anthony Daniels flew in from England to demonstrate C-3PO’s distinctive motions and to record his dialogue on the soundtrack. Daniels says he was dumbfounded at the realistic motions of C-3PO in Audio-Animatronic form. While other Audio-Animatronic characters at Disney duplicate living beings, this adaptation of C-3PO made him seem more real, even for a droid.

“Anthony Daniels posed for the programming on C-3PO, which gives the attraction a very authentic feeling,” Baxter says. “When you walk in there and hear those sounds and see these characters, it keeps the feelings towards the films vital and fresh.”

One of the StarSpeeders was mocked up for testing, full-size and operational, inside a metal building in the Imagineering parking lot. After ILM delivered a film animatic, showing the proposed action for each scene in a simple computer graphic format, WDI programmers went to work.

Watching the film on a video monitor, they used joysticks to synchronize the movements of the simulator motion base with the point-of-view actions on screen. This meant that if the onboard movie suggested the StarSpeeder was taking a sharp turn, the entire simulator would be tipped on its side. Speeding up towards the Death Star meant tipping the simulator backwards. And any sudden stops had the simulator tipping forward, making all passengers ever aware of their safety belts.

Many swaying movements were later eliminated by programers so that the motion sickness associated with roller coasters would be missing from the Star Tours attraction without sacrificing any of the excitement.

In June 1986, a group of 2,000 Disney employees and their families previewed a rough version of Star Tours.

“The response was phenomenal, “ says Fitzgerald. “It gave everyone involved the necessary blast-off toward opening day.”

Star Tours brought Tomorrowland well into the 21st century. “When Disneyland opened in 1955, Walt Disney set Tomorrowland in the near future – in 1986 to be exact,” Baxter explains. “The ‘futuristic’ technology portrayed in the original Tomorrowland was really current technology, available at the time. In Star Tours, we were looking at a techno-fantasy, a vision of technology that isn’t available today, and won’t be for perhaps another century.”

With a combination of new simulator ride technology and the popular mythos of Star Wars, it was no surprise that Star Tours became an instant hit with Disneyland visitors.

The Star Tours attraction at Disneyland (which remained open 48 hours straight after its premiere on opening day) was a huge hit with both Star Wars fanatics and people who wanted to see a revolutionary ride at Disneyland.

“We were open 48 hours because, in a way, we were opening up another Star Wars movie that was playing on only one theater in the world – at Disneyland,” Baxter recalls.

The Star Tours project not only made dreams of visiting the Star Wars galaxy into a reality for fans, but it also had a profound affect on the WDI team as well.

“What I dreamed of having with Walt Disney, I guess I got some of that with George because we talked a lot about the things he created,” Baxter confesses. “In Walt’s case, he was long gone and we often had to discuss in terms of, ‘Would Walt want to have his characters used in a certain way?’ So it was a unique to have such extraordinary characters and to be able to talk with the creator himself about how they might appear in a new form. That was a unique experience I have not had since.”

Today Star Tours is not only thriving as one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland, but also at Disney-MGM Studios in Florida, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland.

“Fans come to the attractions with these expectations from the theater and I think we live up to that,” Baxter says. “We actually allow our guests for a few minutes to have an out-of-control adventure, and we survive. It’s all about survival; people go on roller coasters and all of these experiences because they want to test the limits in a safe way and feel better about themselves at the end in that they actually survived some perilous adventure.”

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By Bonnie Burton

During this holiday season, eat your meals in style with these fancy felt napkin rings of your favorite Star Wars characters! These napkin rings are easy to make and fun to use for any meal worthy of Jabba the Hutt.

What You Need:

Velcro circles
Craft glue
Small googly eyes
Black, beige, gray, red, dark green, light green, brown and purple felt squares

How to Make Star Wars Napkin Rings:

1. Cut rectangles 2 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches long from the felt. This will be the body of your napkin ring.

2. Cut out a slug-like shape from the dark green felt and the exact shape but smaller from the beige felt. Glue googly eyes and a thin line of black felt for the mouth on the beige felt piece, then glue that on the green piece. Now you have Jabba the Hutt!

3. For Yoda cut a circle and two small triangles from the light green felt for his face and ears. Glue on googly eyes, a small green felt square for a nose and a small red triangle for a mouth. Yay for Yoda!

4. Cut out felt squares, 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches long, in different colors. Glue your characters on different squares. Then glue each character square on the left end of your long felt rectangle strips.

5. Repeat step 4 with different characters if you want to make a whole set of napkin rings. We made Jabba the Hutt, Admiral Ackbar and Yoda. Use other shapes of felt and experiment with making other Star Wars characters like R2-D2, Princess Leia, Ahoska Tano, C-3PO, Anakin Skywalker, Plo Koon and more!

6. Glue a Velcro dot at the end of your rectangle strip. (Most Velcro dots are self-adhesive so you may not have to actually glue it to your felt.) This will fasten your napkin ring to the other end of the felt when you wrap it around a napkin!

7. Now wrap your ring around a napkin and secure it to the Velcro dot to make a ring. Place next to your silverware at your next celebration dinner. Time to eat in Star Wars style!

Be sure to discover more fun crafts in The Star Wars Craft Book.
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words: Bonnie Burton

March 2012 marked the sad passing of conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie. The legendary conceptual artist not only inspired filmmaker George Lucas making Star Wars possible, but also other future directors, actors, screenwriters and more, not to mention millions of fans worldwide. I asked some of my favorite celebrity Star Wars fans what McQuarrie meant to them, as well as gathered the best celebs tweets that celebrated this one-of-a-kind artist.

Read more about Ralph McQuarrie and his work on


Star Wars Prequels Producer Rick McCallum writes:
Ralph was the very first person I went to when we started prep on The Phantom Menace. When Ralph came to visit at the Ranch, he told me he just didn’t feel strong enough to take charge of the picture, but I felt sure I could convince him to change his mind. George and I were willing to work in any way that would make it possible for him to be part of the creation of the new trilogy. We had a great few days going over everything and finally when he told me he simply couldn’t take on the challenge because of his health, we took him into our conference room.

I showed him artwork from young artists from schools and visual effects companies throughout the world. We must have had at least 35 seriously talented artists work positioned throughout this big room. He walked around in total silence for nearly three hours, meticulously looking at everyone’s work and then he gathered Eric Tiemens, Ryan Church and Doug Chaing’s work and put them all together — then he sat down and looked at their work for what seemed like another hour and then suddenly he pointed at Doug Chaing’s samples and he exclaimed with urgency and a huge smile, “Yes, he’s the one!” And that’s how we hired Doug to become the Concept Designer on Episode I. And on Episode II and III, Ryan and Eric became the concept designers!

Ralph was a constant source of inspiration. We always had his art work hanging all over the art departments in the hallways and offices in London, Sydney and at Skywalker Ranch. There was never a single moment that I can remember not seeing someone looking, staring, or studying the beautiful and stirring images that Ralph created.

He was kind and decent — a consummate gentleman with a unique and beautiful perspective on our own world and those beyond. He will be sorely missed from our hearts but never ever forgotten.

The Clone Wars Supervising Director Dave Filoni writes:
Ralph set the standard for design in cinema. An entire generation of artists was inspired by his work. We all wanted to be Ralph. We wanted that job — designing starships and Stormtroopers, Jedi and Sith.

Every day on The Clone Wars we aspire to be like Ralph, to capture the magic that he gave all of us as kids. One of our most memorable days at Lucasfilm Animation was when Ralph came to visit, and we screened episodes for him. We wanted to show Ralph that his “look,” his vision for design, was alive and well on our show, and that we had respectfully studied his craft to make our Star Wars universe much like his.

We still use Ralph’s designs as inspiration, many of which have never appeared on screen before. Rakko Hardeen’s helmet was one of Ralph’s early Boba Fett helmet designs. There are countless examples of his influence on our show every week.

My wife asked me what Ralph meant to me, and I think I can sum it up in a way that many of my fellow artists feel. Without Ralph McQuarrie, I would not have the job I have today. I never would have considered it. I would not be half the artist I am, without his influence on my childhood. Thanks for everything Ralph. You will be missed, but you will live on in that galaxy far, far away.”

“To the world beyond the galaxy far, far away, Ralph McQuarrie was perhaps an unsung hero of the Star Wars universe but to the fans he was the intelligent design behind so many wonderful worlds. He was a visionary and an artist of the deepest imagination. Our universe is poorer without him.” – Simon Pegg, actor

Sad news. It sounds almost too cliche, but what he did with his bare hands and his tools of paint brushes and pencils not only influenced a young filmmaker in George Lucas, but an entire generation future filmmakers born after ‘77. It cannot and should not be underestimated.” – Colin Hanks, actor

“Thank you, Ralph, for creating a universe of adventure that has held a steadfast section of my brain from the first time my dad took me to see Star Wars, all the way through to today. You are a genius and a hero. The world is a lot less cool without you in it. May the force be with you.” – Mark Hoppus, Blink-182 singer/bassist

“The first images of Star Wars that I ever saw, were the pre-production paintings of Ralph McQuarrie. His artwork imagined a serious, mysterious, vast and completely new vision of a science fiction universe. Very much at odds with the too often silly, campy, or cold visions I was accustomed to seeing. In short, they blew my 12-year-old mind wide open.” – Hal Hickel, Animation Director Rango

“Star Wars would definitely not be what it is artistically and visually without the influence of Ralph McQuarrie. His magic and legacy will live on, just like the Star Wars saga and many of the other special films that have been blessed with his talents. He will be missed.” – Matt Lanter, actor The Clone Wars, 90210

“Ralph McQuarrie made science fiction feel like a reality we could live in. I will always cherish my Art of Star Wars books because they are filled with his brilliant illustrations. He will be missed.” – mc chris, rapper

“I was lucky enough to see Ralph’s concept art in the flesh within the archives of Skywalker Ranch. I was stunned by how vivid and luminous the images were. It was as if they were back lit with LED’s. Like a frame of Ralph’s imagination had been captured through alchemical means and preserved for the reverence and study of his disciples. For me, Ralph’s visions defined what SF should look like.” – Jesse Alexander, TV writer/producer

“Without a doubt, Ralph McQuarrie was a landmark definition of how we visually associate most sci-fi today. Star Wars alone would not have looked half as original, mind-blowing, or have even existed without his limitless imagination and creativity shaping the most important aspects of the original trilogy. He set precedence, changed the game and will be sorely missed.” – Joe Trohman, Fall Out Boy guitarist

“A truly gifted spark of creativity has just winked out of existence, which makes me sad… but at the same time, Ralph McQuarrie is a reminder to all visual artists, that we can shape amazing worlds and characters, with nothing but our minds and a little imagination. His work is an absolute testament to that.” – Ben Templesmith, comic book artist/writer

“A few years ago, I had the honor of touring the Lucasfilm archives. The highlight of that trip was seeing Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art. To personally view these seminal works was as life-affirming an experience for me as seeing Picasso’s “Guernica’ or the Mona Lisa. McQuarrie’s images were the visual fountainhead of a story that ignited my imagination at a very young age and put me on the course to become a professional in television and film. Both his influence in our popular culture, and my gratitude for his work are beyond measure.” – Javi Grillo-Marxuach, TV writer/producer

“Ralph was the greatest. My favorite artist, plain and simple. As a child, it was Ralph’s wondrous images in Bantha Tracks that kept me going in the years between Star Wars films. Through his breathtaking paintings I discovered the craft behind the magic on screen. It was world building, universe building, life-changing art that forever altered the direction of my life. Star Wars made me fall in love with movies. But Ralph made me fall in love with film-making. He will be sorely missed but respected forever.” – Kyle Newman, director of Fanboys

“Ralph’s art was awe inspiring, and gave a lot of people joy and collectables. The most I can say is thank you SO much, and the most I can offer with a heavy heart are my condolences.” – Adrianne Curry, supermodel & reality TV star

“I had no idea that the creation of imaginative films started with art until my parents took my sister and I to see Ralph’s work in a huge Art of Star Wars retrospective in San Francisco when I was about 8. Before that I guess I had just assumed that Darth Vader himself was an actor, or that the Rancor really was a one of a kind beast that was trapped and forced to roar when the cameras rolled. When seeing McQuarrie’s early renditions of the characters displayed next to the costumes and props, which were next to a print of the actual film scene, I questioned why an artist would draw something different than what it was ’supposed’ to look like. My dad explained that it was the other way around, and that someone first had to IMAGINE all these things that we see on screen. Then I re-walked through the whole gallery and became obsessed with all of the original concepts and immediately said, ‘That’s what I want to do. I want to imagine things. I want to imagine everything.’” – Alex Pardee, artist
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When artist and animator I-Wei Huang builds robots he likes to mix his curiosity for electronics with his appreciation for the burgeoning genre of Steampunk. So when he recently unveiled his Steampunk R2-D2 known as R2-S2 (R2 Steam Too), fans and droid builders wanted to know more.'s own Bonnie Burton tracked him down and picked his brain on how to turn everyone's favorite astromech into a Victorian-inspired machine.

How do your skills as an animator help when you make these cool creations?

Being an animator, you tend to see things in a different way, and can't help but notice subtle details of how things move and work, especially in motion of humans and animals. To be an animator these days, you sort of have to have a balance between being artsy-fartsy and techy-geeky. I like seeing mechanical things work, because it's visual. You can watch and study the transfer of power, and figure out how one thing drives another. When it comes to non-visual things, like electronics, I have a hard time grasping concepts of how everything work together.

Being an artist also makes you want to do something different and unusual. I just enjoy coming up with silly ideas that no one is dumb enough to try. I try to make steam contraptions that perform well mechanically, but are also aesthetic pleasing to the eye. Part of the draw of the Victorian steam technology for me is the attention given to making machines beautiful. Just because it has to serve a function, doesn't mean that it has to be ugly. I also gravitate towards making steam machines that resemble things in nature, in particular arthropods, or things with carapaces, shells or armor.

What is your background in robotics?

I have no background in robotics, just sort of figure it out as I went along, and still learning. I grew up watching all of the old Anime robot shows, so always had a strong interest in robots. But getting your feet wet in robotics is very intimidating, so I went with the ultra low-tech, mechanical approach. I'm still amazed that people call what I make "robots." I guess it all depends on how you define the term.

What fascinates you about Steampunk?

I actually didn't know what "Steampunk" is, until I've built several of these steam machines, and got blogged everywhere. One key word that kept popping up was Steampunk which is a genre of books, art, movies etc, that uses old Victorian technology in an alternate universe, or in a fantasy setting. Some examples of the well-known movies are Wild Wild West or Steam Boy. My main influences are more just sci-fi, with a hint of old technology, not necessarily all Steampunk. Playing with steam is just my excuse to play with fire.

One of my biggest influences in art is Hayao Miyazaki, who often design amazing machines full of character, and resembles some old, lost technology. And of course Star Wars fits the bill as well, a long long time ago... you know the rest.

What was the first Steampunk machine you made? What kinds of parts did you use? How did you hack it to use steam?

Some of the first steam machines were really simple -- lots of wheeled vehicles made from erector sets with a steam engine mounted on top. I learned a lot about mechanics playing with these simple engines and parts, such as how pulleys, gears, and sprockets work, and how you can gear down to make small steam engines carry around its own weight. My first steam contraption that I was really proud of, was the Steam Walker, which was a four-legged walking machine. It ended up winning the Gold Medal for the Kinetic Artbots category at RoboGames 2006.

What are the stories behind the Steam Crab, the Steam LocoCentipede and the Steam Trilobite Tank machines you've made in the past?

The Steam Crab was a failed machine. It had many issues with the chassis and legs, not strong enough to support the weight of the heavy engines and boilers. It was my first attempt at hacking together a R/C steam walking machine. Anything that doesn't perform up to standards is quickly scrapped for parts for my other steam projects. I later reused the two steam engines from the Steam Crab for R2-S2.

Wheeled machines are not as exciting to me as treaded vehicles. And a treaded machine are not as compelling as legged. So why not use a chassis with lots of legs that drives like a tank? I learned a lot building the Steam LocoCentipede; and it was a major pain. Making a steam machine carrying it weight creates a lot of problems, and add legs to the equation, it's quite a challenge. The centipede has a hard time producing steam, and fast enough for two very thirsty steam engines. It can only sustain very short runs before having to wait and build up steam pressure. I am now in the process of making a better centipede, with twice the size, and twice the number of legs.

Trilobites are probably my absolute favorite designs of nature. The Steam Trilobite Tank was designed short and cute to try and create the simple shapes of a trilobite. The steam unit was taken from my Steam Spider, which I was trying to finish in time for RoboGames last year. In the process of testing the spider, I blew out a crank. I still wanted to have a nice machine for the event, and the result was the Trilobite, which was rushed together in a few days, just barely in time to take home the Gold Medal for Best of Show.

So by now, you've heard about lots of my failed projects, but I think it's worth mentioning that not all of my attempts pan out. I have a lot of crazy ideas, and I do a lot of quick proof of concepts. Most proved that I don't have the skills or ability to make it work, and I don't bother to publish them on my web site. For ever successful machine, there are way more failures. But it's the few that do succeed, that makes it all worth while. You just have to have a vision, research into everything that you can for the project, and get your feet wet.

Why did you decide to make a Steampunk R2-D2 unit?

In the quest to make unique steam powered machines, I always look for interesting configurations that I haven't seen before with steam power. I started thinking about using a vertical boiler, and making a chassis that supports two steam engines mounted on the sides. The engines could be chain-linked to two drive wheels for skid steering, with a center supporting swivel wheel -- hey, wait a minute....that's Artoo!

What materials did you use and how did you hack R2-D2 so he could run on steam? What challenges did you face in making it?

After some searching through the Web, I found a suitable chassis/body -- the Hasbro Interactive Droid. The dimensions were about right; it fit a nice boiler that I had in the body. The problem was that I didn't have the heart to hack a perfectly working Artoo to pieces. I waited patiently on eBay, and in the mean time I tackled on many other projects. The idea sat on the shelf for many months, and finally an Artoo with broken electronics, showed up on eBay. Since no one else wanted a broken droid, I ended up winning it. Gutting it was very disturbing I must say, but seeing it come back to life under steam power, was very rewarding.

R2-S2 (R2 Steam Too) was actually a very simple project. I had to heat proof Artoo's body from the inside (with sheet metal and fiberglass insulation material) so that the nice plastic body wouldn't melt. Engines mounted on the outside fit perfectly, and chain drive connected to the gearbox also went without much of a hitch. The whole project took two weeks or so on my spare time. It was nice to have such a smooth project, it's something that just doesn't happen for me very often.

What was the reaction from fans at Maker Faire and RoboGames who witnessed R2-S2 in action?

Lots of audible laughter, ear to ear grins. Many people read the signs, or saw it run with steam shooting out of the sides, still had to ask for the confirmation "is this really steam powered? No really... it's steam powered?" And the kids loved it. Of course, how can you go wrong with everyone's favorite droid?

Any plans for a steam C-3PO or steam AT-AT?

I've had many people tell me the Steam Walker reminds them of the AT-AT. Perhaps I should have named it Luke SteamWalker? I'm not a big fan of C-3PO, sorry! AT-ST would be a better fit for a steam biped.

Why do you think Star Wars droids make much a nice transition to Steampunk?

The original Star Wars designs were very old-tech looking. After all it was a long, long time ago. The machines were just so well designed, simple, yet full of character. That's the aspect which is most appealing to me about Steampunk.

Would you ever like to see an entire Star Wars movie redone with Steampunk characters and machines? What in Star Wars would make you most excited to see it done in Steampunk form -- the vehicles, characters, Death Star?

Some old Star Wars machines, such as the AT-AT and AT-ST are some of my favorite robotic designs of all time, perhaps done correctly in Steampunk fashion would be really cool to see. But the originals are so nicely designed, that I'd hate to change any part of them.

Click here to watch a short video clip of R2-S2 in action.

To learn how to make a Steampunk machine, check out Huang's R/C Steam Turbine Tank tutorial on

For more information on Huang's Steampunk robots, visit his site Crabfu SteamWorks here.

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  • 00:46:03: RT @FamousWomen: Worry often gives a small thing a great shadow. - Swedish Proverb
  • 00:59:10: RT @SFXmagazine: #Warehouse13 team planning steampunk spin-off starring female HG Wells
  • 01:08:55: @bergopolis: I'm definitely not doing whiskey shots as I write an #Eureka drinking game.
  • 01:11:19: @bergopolis: Honest! *hiccup*
  • 01:40:24: RT @redgirlsays: Every six hours, the NSA collects as much data as is stored in the entire Library of Congress.
  • 02:35:16: @Ste_Doughty: more like a dewback!
  • 02:35:48: RT @GailSimone: Sometimes I sorta grab my chest and fall down when a stormtrooper shoots at me. It boosts their confidence. #iamaterribl ...
  • 02:35:57: RT @craft: The Empire Strikes Bike:

    Today is bike to work day! In honor, here is an awesome bike mod. An official Skywalk... http://bi ...
  • 02:39:18: @SFXmagazine: I'll be at Comic-Con! We should do a SFX writers tweet-up! With drinks! And robots!
  • 12:06:00: Matt Smith plays #DoctorWho game for iPad & iPhone /via @Ste_Doughty
  • 12:10:45: @SFXmagazine: What's your #SDCC panel going to be about? Should I go to heckle/flirt with @SFXDaveB? ;-)
  • 12:11:45: @vmperella: How did you know the way to my heart was thru a Red Lobster gift card?
  • 12:24:18: @sugarjonze @bergopolis @EurekaWriters @edfowler: will do! I'll send you all copies of my #Eureka Drinking Game & a list of liver donors.
  • 12:26:11: RT @DecadentGent: By the way fellow geeks, @bonniegrrl 's column in @SFXmagazine is fantastic. Readint eh latest one now. Makes me want ...
  • 12:27:47: @DecadentGent: Thanks for tweeting about my latest @SFXmagazine column on how to flirt in alien languages! U kulle rah doe kankee kung!
  • 12:28:26: RT @CampbellEvans: It's cantina barkeeper Ackmena's birthday! The late, great Bea Arthur was born this day in 1922. #StarWars Holiday Sp ...
  • 12:37:33: @DecadentGent: Thanks!!! Be sure to check out the @SFXmagazine review of my Star Wars Craft book on pg 117 too! ;-)
  • 12:38:50: In honor of Bea Arthur's birthday... here she is with pizza & mountains!
  • 13:23:30: RT @GailSimone: I tried to get a Jawa and a Ewok to mate. Now it's all I THINK about. #iamaterriblejedi
  • 14:46:15: @flecksfilms: @vickschutz as #Batman!
  • 15:01:01: @erincmccarthy: Oh I have! As soon as @chriscolfer contacts me, I'm sending him more Star Wars stuff!
  • 15:01:53: "Droids don't get whooping cough, but children do!" #StarWars /via @starwars
  • 15:04:32: Long ago I wrote a Wonder Twins action-comedy screenplay. It has bad dates, Ewok jokes & a glitter gun death scene. Should I post it online?
  • 15:20:31: RT @xwillfx: @bonniegrrl how about a word of encouragement for my daughter. Boys said she can't like Star Wars at school. http://locker ...
  • 15:21:43: @xwillfx: Tell your daughter that #GeekGirls RULE & she can love any sci-fi she wants ESPECIALLY Star Wars! cc: @heruniverse @teamunicornftw
  • 15:30:22: @MShaneman @xwillfx: Apparently it keeps happening to other girls. Not cool.
  • 15:31:49: @MarkJBelanger: ha! I love you for making an Indiana Jones reference!
  • 15:32:26: @darthmarkh: OMG! Your little #geekgirl is the cutest!
  • 15:34:13: Holy Clam Dip! YES!!! #MurderSheWrote fans: Angela Lansbury says she'd return to Cabot Cove! /via @EW @tarynoneill
  • 15:39:26: Magic-stache! RT @grantimahara: Now adding "master of disguise" to my resume. #Mythbusters
  • 15:42:08: @darthmarkh: Expect my Star Wars Craft Book in the mail soon! Your daughter will LOVE it!
  • 15:42:21: RT @darthmarkh: @bonniegrrl She's a lil' Sith Acolyte. Says that Zurg from Toy Story is Vader's Daddy and bad Clones are her favorite. h ...
  • 16:13:42: @vmperella: HOLY HULA GIRLS! Magnum PI is on @Hulu Plus? SIGN ME UP!
  • 16:23:40: RT @theblairbutler: A whole lotta #Batman going on in this week's @FreshInkOnline #comics #geekgirls
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  • 17:12:41: @tarynoneill: Thanks for being an awesome #GeekGirl! ;-)
  • 17:24:11: "Jerry? That's a terrible #vampire name!" #FrightNight remake trailer cc: @KatzMoney
  • 17:37:27: @AdrianneCurry - Va va voom!
  • 17:40:08: RT @edwardjolmos: #movienighttweet - This sunday I'm going to join on movienighttweet to watch the DIRECTOR'S CUT of BLADE RUNNER @ 5p ...
  • 17:45:18: RT @CrackleDotCom: The #Ghostbusters viewing party starts in 15 minutes! Get your @GhostbustersDVD or watch FREE on Crackle: http://bit. ...
  • 17:46:03: @ellingson: We should have a packing peanut craft party! Put googly eyes on them and you have a party!
  • 18:07:38: Best Mural EVAR! /via @ArkhamAsylumDoc #StarWars #Spiderman
  • 18:08:53: RT @BobsBurgersFOX: 1st look at an all-new episode of #BobsBurgers airing SUN 5/15 -
  • 18:37:25: RT @GailSimone: I was in charge of feeding the monster in the Death Star's garbage compactor and I TOTALLY spaced on it. #iamaterriblejedi
  • 18:37:59: Liquid Television channel on @youtube! /via @ellingson
  • 18:42:29: Paging Doctor Freud... RT @_laughingsquid: Weaponized Human Mannequin Sculptures
  • 18:47:20: @Foo1585: well there's this...
  • 18:59:54: AND googly eyes! RT @emilieautumn: So, am I the only one who carries a hot glue gun in their handbag?
  • 23:08:44: RT @SFXmagazine: We’ve just posted a story on the site, but we can’t seem to remember what it is… #DoctorWho
  • 23:09:00: RT @GailSimone: I was the one who said the Ewoks looked PLENTY lifelike even WITHOUT eyelids. #iamaterriblefilmmaker

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  • 00:05:38: RT @treelobsters: Scooby Doo, Speed Buggy, Jabberjaw, Captain Caveman and Funky Phantom all in one episode? Yeah, I'm watching that. htt ...
  • 00:07:02: RT @laughingsquid: Dawn of the Dead Shopping Mall Floor Plan by @mattowenmatt #zombietalk
  • 00:15:39: @feliciaday @paulandstorm: Poor Clippy. He's the C-3PO of Word. Full of info that no one cares about.
  • 03:22:35: RT @starwars: RT @SunnyDiesel: If @starwars has taught me anything, it's to be afraid of tiny, fuzzy bear people.
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  • 09:18:49: RT @tordotcom: Amy Ratcliffe (@amy_geek) checks out the new Star Wars Crafts book. (No Force-sensitivity required!)
  • 09:19:21: RT @nobby1138: Jar Jar loves Yoda loves Jar Jar #YodaSandwich
  • 11:04:09: Anyone know why @NathanFillion isn't tweeting lately? I fear he's frozen in carbonite on display in Jabba's Palace...
  • 11:05:21: @L3bo @lewoodsy: Always go with the blue shirt. You never know if Trekkies are lurking in the halls looking for a Red Shirt!
  • 11:06:25: @Nathan_Pensky @nobby1138: The Clone Wars animated series actually made me like Jar Jar. He's like the Jerry Lewis of Star Wars.
  • 11:14:54: @caseymckinnon: The TV show would improve if Diana spun around & instead of turning into Wonder Woman, she turned into @NathanFillion.
  • 11:22:52: @lexigeek @ellingson @boingboing: DAMMIT! Now I have Toto's "Africa" stuck in my head! better:
  • 13:08:15: Make a X-Wing Fighter from Office Supplies! /via @instructables @bird2brain @StarWars #Crafts
  • 13:08:20: RT @missingwords: Best Empire Strikes Back poster EVER: (by @mattowenmatt) #StarWars
  • 13:11:37: My fave new crime-fighting duo! RT @neilhimself: Beauty & the Beast. Well, @FeliciaDay & me.
  • 13:57:53: Help Raise Money for a Documentary about a Kids-Produced #StarWars Musical! /via @kickstarter
  • 14:20:13: VIDEO: #DoctorWho Confidential preview w/ @neilhimself, Matt Smith & @steven_moffat!
  • 14:24:36: @ericsmithrocks @amy_geek: Fancy Dress Stormtrooper & Boba Fett = #ADORKABLE! luv it!
  • 14:27:44: RT @TeamCoco: Last night's full episode had Jon Hamm and a glitter gun. What more do you need to know? Watch now:
  • 14:37:05: RT @starwars: Building the Empire Strikes #Bike! #StarWars #crafts #BikeToWorkDay
  • 14:38:29: RT @perfectbebop: @bonniegrrl wow, you were RT in a RT by @neilhimself about @neilhimself in less than 10 minutes. that has to be a reco ...
  • 14:43:13: @perfectbebop: @neilhimself RT someone who RTed me = popular kid waving at me, I wave back, then realize he was waving at the kid behind me.
  • 14:53:33: @neilhimself: *waves* YAY! Okay NOW I feel legit. Thanks! ;-)
  • 14:54:28: @perfectbebop: you can be my BFF on the slide who now yells: "I TOLD you Neil was waving at you!"
  • 14:59:48: @Gerard2327: When @NathanFillion doesn't tweet for weeks, we send out probe droids to search for him... #UnintentionallyDirty
  • 15:06:05: Kenneth Branagh talks about @TheRealStanLee, kangaroos, kissing & #DoctorWho w/ @CraigyFerg! &
  • 15:10:31: . @neilhimself AND @feliciaday AND a traumatizing pig?! Sounds like the best sitcom ever - "Two and a Half Geeks!"
  • 15:32:39: . @AdrianEdmondson: If I saw you on a train, I'd be rather worried about this happening - #TheYoungOnes
  • 17:16:02: RT @theblairbutler: @bonniegrrl Holy crap. Your book was just on @aots.
  • 17:16:47: My #StarWars Craft Book was just featured on @aots! Thanks @theblairbutler for being my super secret craft agent! ;-)
  • 17:44:27: RT @wilw: Tomorrow, I go back to Vancouver for more #Eureka. I'm not going to lie to you, Marge: I love the script @bergopolis wrote for ...
  • 17:45:35: @wilw: so jealous! Any time spent w/ @bergopolis is a GOOD time! Just be sure to keep the gluestick away from her chapstick!
  • 18:15:39: @geekyjessica: @mrosenbaum711 on @Aots
  • 18:29:20: RT @stoogey: You Don't Bring Me Flowers For Algernon Anymore. #streisandfornerds
  • 18:45:22: Like #MyLittlePony? @AyleenGaspar talks about the history, new models, collecting & care tips! cc: @ClareGrant
  • 18:46:27: RT @MouseSkywalker: Silent auction items for the Give Kids The World benefit May 22 include signed @StarWars Craft book by @bonniegrrl h ...
  • 18:52:53: @bergopolis: Did you bring the googly eyes with you to Vancouver? Imagine the fun you can have on set! ;-)
  • 18:55:51: @davetopgear: My favorite @duranduran song? So many! New Moon on Monday, Reflex, The 7th Stranger, ALL of the Rio album.
  • 18:57:45: Martha Skewered! Demi Morgue! Hollywood #Zombie Trading Cards! #ToyBreak #zombietalk #Topps
  • 19:16:47: RT @TheNerdyBird: NBC dumps #WonderWoman /via @NewsaramaBlog
  • 19:16:59: @TheNerdyBird: I bet NBC would air the show if Diana spun around & instead of turning into Wonder Woman, she turned into @NathanFillion.
  • 19:36:34: VIDEO: @G4TV Attack of the Show @AOTS gives a shout out to my #StarWars Craft Book! #AOTS
  • 19:37:54: @jawboneradio: Make the Jabba the Hutt Body Pillow 1st! You won't regret it! ;-)
  • 19:39:25: @elmoTK: thanks for posting the vid of my Star Wars Craft Book on @aots! I feel so giddy!
  • 20:57:22: In-N-Out - I AM IN YOU!
  • 21:08:16: Mmmmm... In-N-Out double double w/ extra-crispy fries...
  • 21:41:14: RT @KRLgrrl: Fucking Pocket Full of Sunshine is blasting in the restaurant I'm in. @bonniegrrl how the fuck did you know I was here??
  • 21:42:16: @KRLgrrl: muhahaha! Behold my Pocketful of Malice!!!!
  • 22:04:10: RT @ArkhamAsylumDoc: Industrial Robots Battling It Out With Lightsabers (via @geekologie)
  • 22:22:14: #RoyalWedding = Cinderella Cosplay? /via @McCid
  • 22:45:14: RT @starwars: #StarWars Fairy Tale No.1: Hansel & Greedo by @waynedoz
  • 22:45:48: RT @JosephPred: A snarky and amusing set of interpretations of safety infographics used on a government preparedness web site. http://ww ...
  • 22:50:12: RT @GailSimone: Boba Fett, a badass? My blind friend killed him with a stick. On ACCIDENT. #iamaterriblejedi
  • 22:52:54: Alderaan had it coming. #iamaterriblejedi cc: @GailSimone
  • 23:06:52: @KRLgrrl @hodgesart @vmperella: you misspelled Goddess!
  • 23:36:17: RT @GailSimone: The bad thing is? Tauntauns are sentient. They had a civilization and everything. Oh, well, they're mules/shelters now! ...
  • 23:41:52: @bergopolis @EurekaWriters @edfowler @sugarjonze: just finished my #MurderSheWrote marathon. Now rewatching #Eureka from the beginning!
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  • 00:06:36: @amy_geek: Instead of pandering, I'm guilty of panthering.
  • 00:15:00: Mantyhose?! What the...
  • 01:24:13: RT @neilhimself: In the runup to Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, I thought I'd post photos from my studio trip last year. This is t... ...
  • 04:02:24: @nathanhamill: Hey Puddin' Head, guess who's on Twitter - @thethreestooges!
  • 04:04:34: aww thanks! RT @RemyKat: Guys you should read this interview with @bonniegrrl because she's quite awesome:
  • 04:05:19: RT @Sports_Greats: If you're bored with life, if you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things - you don't have enou ...
  • 10:46:11: RT @amy_geek: Really enjoyed @bonniegrrl's piece on the history of #StarTours! #Disneyland #StarWars
  • 10:47:02: @amy_geek: thanks Amy! It was my 1st big article for long, long ago.
  • 12:37:55: Meow the Force Be With You! RT @jeanifurr: Check it out @bonniegrrl I knitted a Leia hat for my friend's cat: @starwars
  • 13:21:49: @hollyconrad: I let @craftsmanclub know that you're a cool/crafty #geekgirl who uses power tools! So they might contact you for an event!
  • 13:22:28: RT @kimmi_page: Honey, the Ewok pup. Photo by Mary H. cc: @starwars #starwars
  • 13:25:43: @michaelianblack: Skip the skinny jeans & wear Mantyhose!
  • 13:44:09: @ArkhamAsylumDoc: Is there version of that video that edits those guys out?
  • 13:44:53: RT @mcsweeneys: A Hoth Realtor Addresses Some Concerns About His Decision to Turn Han Solo's Deceased Tauntaun Into a Studio Apartment. ...
  • 13:45:31: RT @CaptainRX24: Saw The #Starwars Craft Book on @Tekzilla. I've never wanted Lightsaber scissors before, but I sure want them now.
  • 14:35:51: RT @icrvn: Picked up @bonniegrrl s STAR WARS CRAFTBOOK as a "feel better" gift for Wonderful Wife, & based on the giggling I keep hearin ...
  • 14:36:24: @icrvn: Thanks for buying my Star Wars Craft Book for your wife! I hope she feels better! ;-)
  • 14:36:59: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” - Agatha Christie /via @Quotes4Writers
  • 14:38:43: @HollyConrad: Of course! You rock! It's my goal to get you so many cool contacts so you thank me in your Oscar speech. ;-)
  • 14:40:10: @BKStarWars2011: A Star Wars movie marathon or a Star Wars running marathon?
  • 14:40:39: @jemiahj: that works too!
  • 14:46:41: @craftsmanclub: Thank YOU for making sure cool #geekgirls get the kudos (& power tools) they deserve!
  • 16:26:59: @icrvn: yay! Good luck with the AT-AT planter. Use a LOT of duct tape!
  • 16:31:37: Joe Namath's Legs Look Pantyhose. #Mantyhose
  • 16:35:20: Mmm... Space Food Sticks! cc: @spasmunkey @absolutspacegrl @BadAstronomer @mgrabois @SethGreen
  • 16:46:45: "You're a dog!" "I'm a cop!" #Poochinski! & cc: @edfowler @bergopolis @grantimahara @writergeekrhw
  • 16:52:47: @JosephPred: thanks for the St. Germain Elderflower liquor suggestion! I need to try that!
  • 17:00:51: @NathanHamill: How long can you survive a 10-minute "Mario Says 'No'" video? #MarioBros
  • 17:13:18: The Best Interview Ever Contest w/ @Veronica! via @DiceTechJobs -
  • 17:14:16: RT @brookita37: Found a #starwars craft I made a few years ago. Pretty handy! #crafts
  • 17:15:17: @geekyjessica: Congrats!!! I can't wait to see you in an indie movie!!!
  • 17:15:59: @ActionChick: I dated someone for 2 yrs who looked & acted just like Animal. And yes, he was a drummer. #SexyMuppets
  • 17:18:08: @HollyConrad: Frak yes! See, being my friend = new bandsaw! Does this make us buzzzz friends?
  • 17:18:28: @chrisjallan: ha! thanks! I practiced for a whole 5 minutes!
  • 17:22:48: @HollyConrad: Just remember to say my name in your Thank You speech when winning awards at BAFTA, Oscars, Golden Globes, Canne, etc.
  • 17:30:14: I love Erin Gray's outfit from #BuckRogers! Hmmmm... I see a new Cosplay outfit in my future.
  • 17:32:23: @jeanifurr: thank YOU for making a tiny knitted Princess Leia wig for your friend's cat. You are my crafty hero! ;-)
  • 17:32:59: @ridgewalker78 @ActionChick: I always thought Animal was Keith Moon in Muppet form. It was the eyebrows. ;-)
  • 17:34:54: @ArkhamAsylumDoc: I promise to vote for you! Be sure to sing something by ABBA!
  • 17:35:26: @GidgetWA: Indeed! Erin Gray is a hero of mine. She's really an amazing woman!
  • 17:40:59: RT @johnwbradley: We're hiring interns. I'll teach you everything I know. That will be a 1/2 day. #Wired
  • 18:28:11: @writergeekrhw @edfowler @bergopolis @grantimahara: We HAVE to write a TV show called Hawaii Fido!! #Poochinski
  • 18:31:54: Tonight at @flecksfilms - we're watching @therealAdamWest in #OmegaCop! &
  • 18:32:56: @grantimahara @writergeekrhw @edfowler @bergopolis: Book him, Dino! #Poochinski
  • 18:43:32: RT @starwars: A Mew Hope: Princess Leia Kitty! #StarWars #crafts #Cats
  • 18:44:29: @NicoleWakelin @grantimahara: BarBot? #robots
  • 19:19:25: My kind of #Batman at @flecksfilms!
  • 21:35:10: RT @vmperella: 10 years ago my favorite author passed away. I think of you often and always carry my towel. I miss you DNA! #RIPDouglasAdams
  • 21:35:23: RT @WillTurc: An interview with @bonniegrrl by (which I missed). I'm probably the only one who missed it though. http ...
  • 22:24:58: Space just got sexier! RT @treelobsters: Wilma's flightsuit's hotter #BuckRogers
  • 22:27:00: RT @BrianKeene: #CTHULHU GARDEN FTW! /via @hkphan
  • 22:50:37: @grantimahara @bergopolis @zacharylevi: I love that @dichenlachman knows her Ewok facts!
  • 22:52:18: RT @wyatt_e: Bahaha oh #Conan Former CIA Operations Director & #starwars
  • 22:53:24: @absolutspacegrl: if I knew space stuff i'd work for you & @NASA for free!
  • 23:05:50: Congrats @ZacharyLevi! RT @SFXmagazine: #Chuck escapes cancellation again
  • 23:07:36: @Veronica: I throw my back out so much I got a specialty heating pad. #feelingold
  • 23:26:59: Tonight on #MurderSheWrote, Anthony Michael Hall is a jerk with a switchblade.
  • 23:42:16: RT @janewiedlin: Jane is going back to school! Jane enrolled at DRAG U! More info here: #fb

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  • 00:03:17: RT @simonpegg: May the tenth be with you.
  • 00:09:23: @cyborgturkey: 12 seasons is a long time to be on air!
  • 00:33:14: @KimEvey: thanks for making @theguild so geektastic!
  • 02:58:05: RT @SizzlerKistler: For new #DoctorWho fans: How is the #TARDIS bigger inside?
  • 02:58:53: RT @DangerMindsBlog: Do Automata Dream of Clockwork Sheep?
  • 09:27:26: RT @starwars: RT @stackiii: Millennium Falcon vs. Death Star apple pie! (h/t @mbfortson) #starwars
  • 11:06:27: @amber_benson: awww I loved your songs in "Once More With Feeling!" If I was on #Buffy, I would have just been cursed w/ off-key humming.
  • 11:07:19: @echoknits: You referenced me in your thesis!?! yay! I'm finally academic! ;-)
  • 11:12:45: Tentacles & #TARDIS pint glasses!? My #drunktweets are about to get MUCH more exciting! /via @RaygunRobyn #DoctorWho
  • 11:24:32: @amber_benson: I can hum AND do jazz hands to OMWF! In fact, I'm doing just that at my desk now! hummmmmmmmmm
  • 11:24:57: @RaygunRobyn: of course! Those pint glasses are epic! I need to get some!
  • 11:25:42: @echoknits: Would you mind emailing me a link to your geek craft thesis if you put it online? I would LOVE to read it!
  • 11:51:42: @amber_benson: Let's do it! I'm thinking up new song variations now for "Once More, With Humming & Jazz Hands."
  • 11:55:57: RT @Mike_Dougherty: For Your Consideration: My guest voice in FREAKS IN 30 SECONDS re-enacted by Bunnies @the ...
  • 11:58:07: Augment Your Body w/ Brainwave-Controlled Cat Ears! /via @disinfo @Mike_Dougherty #Cosplay
  • 12:16:31: Geektastic @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz reports on #FreeComicBookDay for @MTVGeek! Nice shoutout to Atomic Robo @red5comics! #comics
  • 12:28:32: #LEGO Kraken?! Arrrrr! Thank ye, Dead Man's Chest: LEGO #Pirates of the Caribbean! #Disney
  • 12:37:35: @YuriLowenthal @raygunrobyn: #TARDIS = Tentacles And Relative Drinks In Space!? YOU ROCK!
  • 12:38:53: @dominichamon: Are you sure the R2 Builders haven't already made an Android controlled R2-D2? More importantly, can it bring me beer?
  • 12:40:50: OMGoogly Eyes! Thanks! RT @amy_geek: My review of The #StarWars Craft Book on #crafts
  • 12:44:16: @amy_geek: I love you so much! Thanks for reviewing my Star Wars Craft Book!!! Let me know what you make from it! ;-)
  • 12:46:03: @MollyMcIsaac: Don't let the haters win. Just ask yourself "What Would Chewbacca Do?" then rip their arms off...
  • 13:15:17: "I love the smell of hairspray in the morning. It smells like... victory." - @NathanFillion #Castle
  • 13:15:55: @ellingson: @Crawstation misses us.... Let's have dinner decapitating shrimp soon!
  • 13:52:00: RT @JoinTheForce: Want to work with We're hiring a Senior Producer in Online Operations! Learn more at
  • 13:54:02: @Nathan_Pensky: hahahahaha I like that job idea!
  • 14:41:51: Captain EO to become a permanent attraction at Tokyo #Disneyland?!
  • 14:49:32: I write about the History of #StarTours! cc: @StarTours2Live @insidethemagic @Disneyland
  • 14:51:03: RT @katiecandraw: I'm going to start a kickstarter project to help me fund re-filming star wars scene by scene... With an all kitten cas ...
  • 15:35:40: Kenan & Kel is trending. Be sure to thank one of its writers @bergopolis who's now kicking ass as writer/co-executive producer of #Eureka!
  • 15:38:41: @paulandstorm: Oh yes! I am a HUGE fan of artist @JimJeroo!!!
  • 15:53:51: @quityourJRob: YOU ROCK!
  • 15:58:09: @johnroderick: I found the perfect sexy chair for your bedroom...
  • 16:00:52: RT @quityourJRob: Don't Worry Geeks, You're No Longer Freaks. Unless, Of Course, You're A Girl. #GeekGirls
  • 16:18:00: Thanks @Veronica for reviewing my #StarWars Craft Book on @Tekzilla! #crafts #geekgirls
  • 16:30:51: @Tullie23: Lucasfilm does indeed have an internship program! cc: @JoinTheForce
  • 17:28:43: RT @starwars: #StarWars Fail Whale by @kempcartunista! #Twitter
  • 17:35:42: @sugarjonze: Happy Birthday, Kira! Let's party again soon!
  • 18:15:28: @la_poesie: I have seen Star Wars Sports! ;-) In fact, I interviewed the filmmakers!
  • 18:25:27: THIS is why I love the @501stLegion! #501st #StarWars stormtroopers promote Heart Kids Tasmania
  • 18:27:17: @katiecandraw: "Use the Feline, Luke!"
  • 18:41:49: Thanks for buying my book! May the Craft Be With You! RT @AusBelle: Picking up my #StarWars Craft Book by @bonniegrrl -
  • 19:11:24: Looking thru my old TV spec scripts. I can't believe I actually wrote a #MurderSheWrote - #XFiles crossover episode! Mulder flirts w/ Jess!
  • 19:20:58: It is NOW! RT @wyatt_e: @bonniegrrl Was it called "Mulder, She Wrote"?
  • 19:28:20: RT @ActionChick: NOW RT @ArkhamAsylumDoc We do it live! This week's "Geek Girl" panel @amy_geek, @sarahkuhn, @JennaBusch http://www.geek ...
  • 19:42:21: Watching my fave #GeekGirls @ArkhamAsylumDoc @amy_geek, @sarahkuhn, @JennaBusch on
  • 20:12:33: @ComiCenter: Ask the ladies if they quiz dates about their geek knowledge & if they ever called off a date for a guy not knowing his geek?
  • 20:14:34: @grantimahara @OKBJGM: For Uke advice you should also ask @Molly23!
  • 20:22:41: RT @geekgirldiva: "There is nothing in your balls that determines your type of drawing." @arkhamaylumdoc Quote of the day! #geekgirls #w ...
  • 20:24:01: @JennaBusch @ArkhamAsylumDoc @amy_geek @sarahkuhn: So proud of you gals representing us #geekgirls on #GeekWeek! *high boob 5*
  • 20:26:40: @CapSteveRogers @GeekToMe @grantimahara: Good thing #GeekWeek didn't have me on as a guest. I'd feel guilty for making those guys cry.
  • 20:27:52: @GeekToMe: "The Draw Star Wars with Your Boobs" book comes with lipstick, tampons, glitter pens & Valium!
  • 20:28:45: Unless they have a working TARDIS. RT @GeekToMe: Guys who wear skinny ties don't get to determine who is/isn't a geek! #GeekWeek
  • 20:31:27: @grantimahara @TheNerdyBird @amy_geek @sarahkuhn @ArkhamAsylumDoc @JennaBusch: YES! But the NorCal is just you & me, Grant! heh
  • 20:38:02: RT @BoingBoing: Facebook apps leaked users' personal data to advertisers, other third parties
  • 20:38:41: @wilw: Now I want to film a horror film called "The Hills Have Van Nuys."
  • 20:39:57: @JennaBusch @sizzlerkistler @Tishulle1 @CapSteveRogers @TheNerdyBird @ActionChick @grantimahara: Count me in!
  • 20:41:28: Dammit @Twitter. If you give me 1 MORE Internal Error message when I'm trying to tweet, I'm sending a Dalek to your offices.
  • 20:46:44: @SizzlerKistler: "jogging in the middle of the night" is only weird if you're wearing a hockey mask & carrying an axe.
  • 20:48:02: @Molly23 @grantimahara @OKBJGM: Uke blog!
  • 20:52:30: @grantimahara @OKBJGM: My pal @Frauenfelder is also a Ukulele expert!
  • 20:57:27: @Billyjensen: I'm not just about Star Wars, ya know. I like to mix it up. I married R2-D2 but I crush on The Doctor.
  • 21:08:00: @grantimahara @OKBJGM @Molly23: Of course, I know a LOT about #Ukuleles too.
  • 21:09:14: #StarWars Fail Whale...with TIE fighters! #DamnYouTwitter
  • 21:22:03: @evildorina: Don't worry. I can call you drunk. That's almost as much fun as lunch in the same zip code.
  • 21:22:33: @feliciaday: So when do you actually get to sleep?
  • 21:23:16: @cwboeh: ha! thanks! I need to re-upload all my Ask Bonnie videos on Youtube. The audio/visual is out of sync on some of them.
  • 21:34:31: DAMMIT @FOXBroadcasting cancels @HumanTargetFOX & @LietoMeonFOX?! I love Mark Valley & @TimRothLieToMe! #FOXbloodbath
  • 21:54:27: VIDEO: "Biography: #GeorgeLucas Creating an Empire" on @Hulu - #StarWars /via @starwars
  • 22:52:04: "So the #puppet is the killer?!" #MurderSheWrote
  • 23:24:05: @Jon_Favreau: ask @DamonLindelof who shot first!
  • 23:30:29: RT @wilw: @bergopolis "The good news is that your pilot was bought. The bad news is that it was bought by FOX. Enjoy your one season!"
  • 23:33:27: @evildorina: sent you a very boozy email. My liver hates me already.
  • 23:35:49: @evildorina: ya know, Pancho Villa Trooper inducted me into #501st

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  • 00:11:00: @_Krystyn: yay for us recovering goths! ;-)
  • 00:15:22: RT @monkeyjedi: 5 geeky products you NEED with awesome stuff from @KyleeLane and @bonniegrrl
  • 00:16:49: RT @BrentSpiner: The great @FeliciaDay backstage at @TheGuild.
  • 01:27:27: @KRLgrrl: I didn't "meet" @elizadushku because I was too shy. She was on the set of @theguild while I was there. She rocked as usual. ;-)
  • 01:30:20: RT @justjenndesigns: @bonniegrrl For Mother's Day I got a Darth Vader marble magnet like in your craft book!
  • 02:02:57: RT @titangrrl: @bonniegrrl 'Grrl' has officially been added to the list of approved Scrabble words! XD Huzzah! *clinks glass*
  • 02:06:37: @titangrrl: All Hail GRRL!
  • 02:17:53: To celebrate GRRL trending you should all meander over to my site
  • 03:08:54: @KRLgrrl: ya know I interviewed James Marsters for, right?
  • 08:55:15: RT @achickcalledLiz: Saw @bonniegrrl 's #StarWars Craft book in Barnes & Noble yesterday... Flipped through some pages, saw the COOLEST. ...
  • 08:59:02: @hefnatron: you're welcome. ;-)
  • 09:02:39: RT @501stLegion: RT @origamiyoda: Origami Stormtrooper Helmet Instructions from SuperFolder BenF! #starwars @501stLegion ...
  • 10:36:53: @KRLgrrl: but you've got a pocketful of sunshine AND a love that's all yours! Oh, oh, oh, oh.
  • 11:07:30: @Veronica: never let the haters win.
  • 11:16:44: RT @NerdApproved: A #TARDIS You Can Carry Around & Eat Out Of! #DoctorWho
  • 11:17:58: RT @ArkhamAsylumDoc: TIE-fighter Starry Night #StarWars /via @GeekSoap
  • 13:00:07: @KRLgrrl: My interview w/ James Marsters (@JM_Live) about #CloneWars
  • 13:02:25: What It Means To Be a #GeekGirl /via @StellarFour #geekgirls
  • 13:02:41: @StellarFour: well said! No one puts us #GeekGirls in a corner! ;-)
  • 13:04:16: @edfowler @grantimahara: Is it wrong that I want Manny Pacquiao to sing "Sister Christian" next?
  • 13:13:32: History of The #Muppets cc: @katiecandraw @stephenchristy @MuppetsStudio
  • 13:16:06: @grantimahara @edfowler: hmmm.. though Manny could really do a soulful "One More Night" by Phil Collins...
  • 13:17:29: @SKGaleana: Yup, you can still get signed copies of my Star Wars Craft Book from Thanks!!
  • 13:19:09: @grantimahara @edfowler: OMYMANNY! He's on Twitter!? Sending @MannyPacquiao my song requests now! Thanks @irish_garcia!
  • 13:33:33: @grantimahara @edfowler: I got it! @MannyPacquiao should sing "Love Somebody" by @RickSpringfield!
  • 13:34:46: @seanshannon: Wow! "Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs" was my 1st book! Let me know what you think!
  • 13:38:48: @skacoread: I bet the Navy blocks my site because I have Bettie Page section. You'd think they'd WANT you to see it for morale! ;-)
  • 13:47:02: @bergopolis: hahahaha you used the googly eyes gluestick I left you as chapstick!? You are HARDCORE!
  • 14:04:58: Naked Eyes - "Always Something There To Remind Me" ♫
  • 14:51:51: RT @WriterCrafter: @bonniegrrl's book finally arrived and 5yo made off with it before I could look! (note socks she chose that day) http ...
  • 14:52:13: @WriterCrafter: BTW, your daughter's socks ROCK!
  • 14:57:18: Congrats to @Colin_Hanks who will be totally KILLING it on #Dexter!
  • 15:30:11: Cre-mates = Dating site for morticians! Oh how I love you, @BobsBurgersFox.
  • 15:38:42: Artist @Hodgesart is funding his sketchbook thru @kickstarter. Bid & get something cool!
  • 15:41:19: RT @Veronica: Starbuck And Starbuck In Starbucks:
  • 16:00:49: @YuriLowenthal: Nice meeting you! During the zombie invasion I promise to let you win the 1st round of Jenga at the @bergopolis girlcave!
  • 16:22:23: RT @amy_geek: Great #GameofThrones infographic by @fabgeekling that shows character relationships (updated only to current episode): htt ...
  • 16:27:53: RT @MTVGeek: Video Interview: Welcome to 'Emitown' with @emibot! #comics
  • 16:29:59: @BethDolgner: Yay for the Bettie Page Army! ;-)
  • 16:32:26: RT @ToryBelleci: I just re-animated a turkey for Mythbusters. @SethGreen, Robot Chicken vs. Robo Turkey. CAGE FIGHT! Let's get it on! h ...
  • 17:13:26: It’s Okay To Not Like Things! /via @laughingsquid
  • 18:21:28: @YuriLowenthal @bergopolis @grantimahara: "Bourbon, Bullets & Balderdash" should be Bruce Campbell's next movie!
  • 19:04:41: RT @TheStephThorpe: Glad 'GRRL' was added to the scrabble canon & was thrilled to discover 'SITH' is recognized too! #starwars cc @bonni ...
  • 19:14:59: @tishalulle1: David Tenant is wearing a Yoda shirt on Graham Norton?! Take a photo of it for me!
  • 19:31:31: My new crafty hero is @HollyConrad! She makes AMAZING Cosplay creatures & practical effects artist! Someone HIRE her!
  • 19:47:27: @HollyConrad: I'm sending your video around to my practical effects folks & costume designers. They need to see your stuff!
  • 19:48:59: @YuriLowenthal @grantimahara @bergopolis: I play an impressive game of janky Jenga, especially if tequila is involved.
  • 19:54:47: @DaveElseyFX: Check out my pal @HollyConrad & her crafty creature costumes. You'd dig it! &
  • 19:55:29: @HollyConrad: I've done a jig many a time at Michael's craft store. They're used to it.
  • 20:00:12: @edfowler @grantimahara: I'd pay good money to see Manny sing "Sussudio."
  • 20:02:50: "My croonin' days are OVER!" #TheLittleRascals
  • 20:06:24: @TremendoGeek: You can find fake fur at most fabric stores. Jo-Ann Fabric (@Joanndotcom) sells it too!
  • 20:53:48: @HollyConrad: Same here! I know more about what's sold at Michael's then their employees.
  • 20:54:27: RT @alyankovic: Me, trying to explain to my daughter what a jukebox was: "You know, kinda like an 800-lb. iPod."
  • 20:56:40: @feliciaday: I love #TheGuild Bathroom Producing. Next time can we see Hot Tub Producing?
  • 20:58:25: @seanbecker: Great meeting you this weekend on the set. Wait... is that a spoiler?
  • 20:59:26: @HollyConrad: The hipster craft store I go to in the Haight knows me on a 1st name basis. I bring them photos of my finished crafts.
  • 21:00:26: @bergopolis @wilw: And judging by this weekend, Amy also has all the booze, sandwiches & googly eyes in LA.
  • 21:01:51: @OMFGeek: @seanbecker & @feliciaday are genius creators! I'm more like the neck bolt in Frankenstein.
  • 21:07:16: @HollyConrad: My Haight craft store calls me when they get in more goggly eyes and weird fake fur. I love them...
  • 21:08:13: @bergopolis @YuriLowenthal @grantimahara: Anyone for Hot Tub Jenga? er... you know what I mean.
  • 21:13:48: Bjork's #cat sure is judgmental. THIS is why I'm a dog person. (thanks @lights) #drunktweets
  • 21:25:23: Film Noir #Puppet series "The Big Chew" by @leahmann w/ @FeliciaDay, @sandeepparikh, @JeffBryanDavis & @ScottChernoff!
  • 21:33:37: @KRLgrrl @joeyintucson: TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!
  • 21:34:09: @JennaBusch: you had me at #boobgate AND @sarahkuhn @ArkhamAsylumDoc @amy_geek!
  • 21:35:24: @tishalulle1: muahahahahahahahaha. This will make it better... #EasyA
  • 21:37:35: @KRLgrrl @joeyintucson: Did someone say DEMON? I have a theory!
  • 21:42:37: Give Me Something to Sing About! I need backup! #Buffy cc: @KRLgrrl @amy_geek @amber_benson
  • 21:56:33: @KRLgrrl @Keeba13: James Marsters (@JM_Live) singing w/ his old band Ghost Of The Robot
  • 21:57:16: @evildorina @marajen7047 @amy_geek: I can't sing. But I do a mean shimmy! Count me in!
  • 21:59:19: @bergopolis: I broke you, didn't I? Hey do you have anymore sandwiches?
  • 22:03:13: @bergopolis: ha! I think you should drink that bottle of desert wine while eating subs in my honor!
  • 23:04:29: @leahmann: no worries! Thanks for the puppets!
  • 23:19:08: @bethshax: I agree with your dad. Thin Man should NEVER be remade!
  • 23:23:33: RT @rttilghman: Biggest Hit Mother's Day Gift! (Mom, 5 and 9 y/o boys reviewed each page!) @bonniegrrl #starwars craft book http://amzn. ...
  • 23:24:51: @rttilghman: thanks so much for getting my Star Wars Craft Book! Let me know what your boys make!
  • 23:27:45: Use the Hex Wrench, Luke! RT @starwars: Litsabbur Instructions!
  • 23:45:42: @carolina1747: #GeekGirls rock! Don't let people tell you otherwise! School can be rough, but know there's lots of girls who love #StarWars!
  • 23:57:15: @cyborgturkey: tonight on #MurderSheWrote there's a murder on a "Friends"-like set called "Buds." Ep called "Murder Among Friends."

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  • 01:04:16: RT @grantimahara: "Nobody puts #GeekGirls in a corner." - @bonniegrrl
  • 08:38:18: RT @sarahkuhn: .@Bergopolis Bday! Quality time w/@bonniegrrl @grantimahara @spyscribe @sarahwatson42 @writergeekrhw @taraplatt @yurilowe ...
  • 08:39:01: RT @grantimahara: @writergeekrhw @bonniegrrl Paw & Order definitely wins!
  • 09:11:33: @grantimahara @writergeekrhw @bergopolis: dreamt last night that Officer Poochinski showed up for a deadly cat crime. Theme song was meowed!
  • 11:01:48: RT @bergopolis: Happy Mother's Day!! Celebrate by tuning in to the #Eureka marathon on @Syfy. :)
  • 11:06:08: #Bacon looks better on @KimEvey!
  • 11:09:49: @melcaylo: I'm in LA just for this weekend.
  • 11:14:08: Look out ladies! It's @grantimahara & @dblackanese!
  • 11:38:29: Just met the super-cool #geekgirl @OliviaYoungers!
  • 13:43:36: RT @edfowler: The @bergopolis shindig felt like a SDCC warm up discussing Ewok cuisine with @bonniegrrl and @grantimahara
  • 14:20:41: RT @gregaronowitz: Finally got to meet @bonniegrrl in person today. My crafting circle is complete. I have met the master!
  • 14:36:41: RT @feliciaday: OH on Guild Set from Erin Gray: "When you find something good, hold onto it. Like husbands and makeup artists."
  • 14:38:16: @feliciaday: thank YOU for making me feel like one of the cool kids!!! Making you @theguild crafts now!
  • 14:41:00: RT @grantimahara: @dblackanese @bonniegrrl @bergopolis I think @bergopolis-con should be renamed Awesome-con. #ohveal
  • 14:56:28: Yay! #TeamUnicorn love from @thegamerchick & @Rileah!
  • 16:46:56: *hugs* RT @thegamerchick: Got to hug the lovely @bonniegrrl lots today! Then I happened upon a can of this
  • 16:48:34: @thegamerchick @Rileah: thanks for stopping by the set to see me! We must have a #TeamUnicorn Slumber Party soon! I'll bring googly eyes!
  • 16:50:10: @feliciaday @KimEvey @seanbecker @theguild: thanks again for letting me be guildy! May the Yoda Ears Be With You!
  • 17:01:56: Hanging out in LA w/ my favorite cool geeks @grantimahara & @bergopolis!
  • 17:06:24: RT @Syfy: Sunday we're doing #Eureka and #Warehouse13 marathons from 9a.m. to 5a.m. Enjoy!
  • 17:16:09: Arnold Palmer COMMANDS YOU to do eeeeevil. cc: @bergopolis
  • 17:19:28: @tomlenk: awesome meeting today! I'll be sure to send you my Star Wars Craft Book. Let me know if you want a tour!
  • 17:22:47: @ZacharyLevi: Great meeting you today! Email me so I can send you lots of Star Wars gear except for smelly tauntauns.
  • 17:34:52: @geekyjessica: yup I'm in LA just for this weekend. Hanging w/ @bergopolis @grantimahara & @feliciaday's crew of cool geeks!
  • 17:35:25: @instalyssa: I carry googly eyes with ne everywhere!
  • 17:37:43: With a bubbly personality! RT @feliciaday: Im a Bathtub Producer: #theguild
  • 17:42:07: RT @elizadushku: On the set of @TheGuild w @feliciaday @Rickafox ...
  • 17:45:29: RT @tomlenk: Hangin on the set of @theguild today! Such cool peeps!
  • 17:52:06: @Dichenlachman: Awesome meeting you today. Wait... are we still going on that homeless retreat?
  • 17:53:10: @geekyjessica: I'll come back soon for Mustard Coven retreat!
  • 17:53:31: RT @bergopolis: Day of fun hanging out on the set of @TheGuild with their awesome cast and crew, then a late lunch with buds @bonniegrrl ...
  • 18:00:05: @tomlenk: say hi to @SarahJo for me! :-)
  • 18:03:12: Awwwww @bergopolis & @feliciaday! #GeekGirls rock! #TheGuild
  • 18:50:41: Thank YOU! RT @Geekyfanboy: @bonniegrrl is one of the geekiest girls I've ever met... I love it. Thanks for the interviews.
  • 18:55:23: My money is on John Waters... RT @bergopolis: Arrived home to discover my backyard flamingo-ed by unknown prankster.
  • 18:58:46: @sugarjonze @writergeekrhw @kayreindl: awesome chatting w/ you at the @bergopolis shindig! ;-)
  • 18:59:24: @sarahkuhn: so glad I got to geek out with you last night!!!!!
  • 18:59:52: RT @sarahkuhn: Seriously, @bergopolis is The Mighty Geek Axis 'round which we all rotate. Also, she's the one who got Obama to run for p ...
  • 19:08:50: @spyscribe: I love that we had so many awesome chats last night about #TheMiddleman! @OKBJGM would be proud!
  • 19:31:33: RT @SarahWatson42: Recap of what went down at casa de @bergopolis. Too many nerd girl writers to shout out in 140 characters. And a myt ...
  • 19:31:40: RT @sarahkuhn: @SarahWatson42 "Too Many Nerdgirl Writers...And A Mythbuster" sounds like a wacky hijinks-type show waiting to happen.
  • 20:16:11: RT @nobby1138: Meanwhile, in a quite corner of my son's bedroom... #RodianPickUpLines #starwars
  • 20:20:16: RT @EurekaWriters: It's #Eureka co-EP Amy Berg's birthday! Won't you pop over to @bergopolis (she wrote the Starkolicious "Ex-Files") an ...
  • 20:26:26: @feliciaday: we REALLY need to convince Erin Gray to get on Twitter. She had the best stories/advice today on set. I <3 her!
  • 20:32:10: @feliciaday: Erin Gray's acting book sounds awesome too! She's so much fun! Heck, let's convince her to have a Youtube channel too!
  • 20:34:15: Flight doesn't leave LAX for 2 hrs. Killing time playing Words With Friends. I wonder if I can get double points for spelling Kashyyyk?
  • 20:35:21: @edfowler: I left a stash of googly eyes w/ @bergopolis. So expect more nightmares!
  • 20:36:46: @edfowler: and always remember: Han Solo = Ewok's fave Hot Pocket!
  • 20:43:51: @HollyConrad: it was rad meeting you today at #TheGuild! I wanna see all the cool stuff you make!
  • 20:44:40: RT @patsquinade: Essence of motherhood: patience, morality, killing your kids if they turn into space vampires.
  • 20:45:20: @HollyConrad: DM me your mailing address & I'll send you a copy of my Star Wars Craft Book!
  • 20:47:11: @grantimahara: I thought you tweeted "I smell a robot!" and I got excited!
  • 20:49:55: @OKBJGM: I'm at LAX right now for 2 hrs waiting for my delayed flight & considering putting googly eyes on Depature signs out of boredom.
  • 20:51:33: @JeffCarlisle @OKBJGM: I hung out w/ Erin Gray AND gave her a copy of my Star Wars Craft Book! #geekgirlwin
  • 20:52:37: @HollyConrad: I can't wait to see what crafts you make from my Star Wars Craft Book! Yay!
  • 21:01:57: Dear Mom: Thanks for waking me up every morning when I was a baby w/ a Kermit the Frog puppet. It explains a lot.
  • 21:21:45: @lexigeek: swell meeting you today! You are full of the awesome.
  • 21:29:09: @MShaneman @hollyconrad: sadly I leave LA tonight. I'll be back soon!
  • 21:33:53: Triple Geek Score! @grantimahara + me in @rstevens fashion + @bergopolis!
  • 21:35:18: @beano76: returning from LA to HipsterVille (San Francisco)
  • 21:35:28: RT @lexigeek: I get a tweet from @bonniegrrl and the main theme from Star Wars comes up on shuffle. Coincidence?
  • 21:35:59: @lexigeek: never underestimate the power of the Bonnie Side!
  • 21:44:07: @wizmatts: i'm addicted to @BobsBurgersFOX! @kristenschaaled makes me snort laugh every other minute!
  • 21:46:37: @wizmatts: is it just me or does Jimmy Pesto on @bobsburgersfox look like Huey Lewis?
  • 21:53:01: RT @colinferg: On set with my Guild buddies today... fun fun fun. Great to be back in LA for the weekend. Pretty inspiring to watch it ...
  • 22:19:19: RT @BrentSpiner: Doing a quick shot with "The Guild" #TheGuild
  • 22:22:20: @elizadushku: awesome to see ya today on @theguild set. I was too shy to say 5x5 while wearing Yoda ears. ;-)
  • 22:42:24: RT @elizadushku: @bonniegrrl I saw you! Specifically loved the Yoda ears ;) don't be shy nxt time! X
  • 22:43:18: @elizadushku: awww thanks, Eliza! May the Force AND #TheGuild Be With You!
  • 22:44:34: @janewiedlin: ha! It's so weird. I never thought I looked like my mom. Hope you & your furry kids had a great Mom's Day!
  • 22:45:18: @janewiedlin: and everytime you say I'm cute I blush!

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